„Obsession with the North“: A condition for the dialogue – no attempt to take over the territory of the North

Aleksandar Vucic Okupacija Severa

‘As far as the Albanians are concerned, I do not care much about their statements. If I were to listen to what they are saying every day… ‘, said today the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, answering a question on the request of Albanians from the south of Serbia to be represented by Pristina. However, he admits to know about „an obsession with the North (Kosovo)“ by Pristina. Also, he is worried of an eventual „pogrom“. Finally, he was jolly about the idea of managing to protect the safety of Kosovo Serbs „at least for a while“, and at this time, „at least the Serbs in the North“. These are his public messages on Kosovo after talking to the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik.

If on one hand Vucic cared not much about the statements made by Albanians, he is, however, concerned over „something else“: The possibility of a „pogrom“ against Kosovo Serbs. The North of Kosovo remains the sole obsession of Pristina authorities.

„Do not ask me how I know. I know! We have services in charge of it as well and people who are following it. One does not have to be very smart to see their policy,“ the President said.

He was “jolly” after the last meeting in Brussels – because Serbia, as a result of the talks managed to ensure the safety to Kosovo Serbs at least for a while, and at least to the northern Kosovo Serbs.

„Because I have unequivocally said that my condition for any dialogue, i.e. Serbia’s unequivocal condition is that there shall not be attacks or attempts to take over the territory in the north. There shall not be arrests as it crosses their mind in any way,“ explained Vucic.

The arrest of five Serbs in the Gnjilane region followed, however, but they were also immediately released and “before the deadline”:

„These are the most prominent Serbs from Pomoravlje. These are the people who defend the Serb community from Ropot and Ranilug to Gornje Kusce and Novo Brdo. All the best people. And then I told them, even though I did not address the public on that day. I was afraid that my reaction would be too harsh, that it would all go in another direction. I told them in Brussels, that if it is not resolved by midnight, they should forget about the continuation of the dialogue, they should also forget about any violence against the Serb population in the North.“

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