Vucic: What are we going to do if Albanians do it their way and occupy the north?


„Kosovo is a nightmare for all of us, and above all for me, as the one with the most responsibility, and ultimately the supreme commander, because what will we do if Albanians, along with their logistical support, it is already known from who – are going to take the north?“ – a new message from Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, on the „takeover of the North“, B92 reported.

„I ask and those who comment in the media – what will we do? What is our reaction? This is why I want to reach an agreement. “

It is not the question of, he further stated, whether he would be considered a criminal if „Albanians go on to the occupy the north of Kosovo“, but the question is „what else will be taken from us if we do not defend ourselves, while on the other hand, if we defend ourselves and react, have we wiped out our future or jeopardize it. “

„What is our choice, tell me? Can you see it? „- it was a new question from the Serbian president.

„My job is not to follow daily political events, but to think strategically, to see what is realistic and what is not. It’s the easiest thing to curse and tell them what I think; believe me, I do so by telling it to their faces and that I am braver than you think, but my job is to preserve peace and not give them any reason for any action, „concluded Vucic.

„I have no faith in their ethics … Do you believe them when they say that they will not start occupying North? Nobody believes it anymore, „said the President of Serbia, B92 reports.

Since last week, the Serbian president is warning of the Serbian public that everything the Albanians were interested in was „incursion“ and „occupying“ the North. A few Belgrade-based newspapers and media have also reported on the alleged plans of „occupation of the North“ and „intrusion into the North“ that is been prepared by the Kosovo Albanian troops, supported by NATO units and the United States . Vecernje Novosti published a series of shocking announcements and warnings to the Serbian population.

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