Vucic: There was no army, I will not make excuses even when there is, I do not care what they write

„The Supreme Commander (of the Army), according to the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, is the President of the Republic of Serbia. I do not know what it had to do with the Albanian media and I do not know since when they would decide where our army would move. And I’m not interested in making excuses or explaining to anyone either. Coincidentally, our army was not where they said it was, but I will not even justify once it is there.  I really don’t care what they will write and what they will think. In accordance with the Constitution and laws of this country, we shall deploy military units of the Republic of Serbia. Full stop“ –  this is how the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, commented on Monday evening on the allegations from Pristina that the regular Serbian army was deployed on Sunday morning near the Jarinje crossing.

The same allegations also related to the alleged deployment of the Serbian gendarmerie, which Vucic commented on as well:

„As far as the Gendarmerie is concerned, Nebojša (addressing Police Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic), the gendarmes work well, let them continue to work and do their tasks in accordance with the Constitution, while they (Kosovo media) can write whatever they want.“

In the meantime, the allegations of the Kosovo media were denied by the Kosovo media themselves, but also by the Serbian army and the police.

The situation remains normal. Police forces are present at the crossings, as they were before, while sources within the Serbian Army said that the information on the deployment of the Army in Rudnica (Jarinje) was incorrect.

Vucic also commented on the yesterday’s statement from Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj that „Kosovo will agree to reconciliation with Serbia in exchange for recognition“. The statement was previously commented on by the Kosovo Office Director, Marko Djuric, the Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin, as well as the Chairman of the Parliament Committee for Kosovo, Milovan Drecun.

„Somewhere I understood this from earlier discussions in Brussels, that they really think that this would be a great honor for us to accept their recognition and then, I guess, they would be pleased with us,“ Vucic said, adding:

„And then you stop and say – these are some of the different realities we live in, different worlds, but I hope there will be enough wisdom. Today, some other statements from Kosovo and Pristina were – something better and a little encouraging. I hope that these tones will dominate in the future, but, again, I’m not sure and, at the end of the day, I do not believe it. It remains to be seen. “

He also said there are expected talks in the upcoming period, but did not confirm „when and how“.

„But, do work and a better economy, and everything else depend on it? Yes, it does,“ he concluded.

The Monday evening message of the Serbian President was said in a different tone than the previous one four days ago. The president had said that the only thing that Albanians were interested in was „invading“ and the „occupation“ of the North, fearing that, „with the mute support of someone, they (the Albanians) decided not only to bring uncertainty and anxiety to Serbs, especially returnees south of the Ibar, but they will grow fear in northern Kosovo“.

„But we will not allow anyone to kill Serbs, to carry out a pogrom against Serbs, or expel Serbs, I would say, in an apocalyptic manner, as was the case in 1995“ – was the alarming message of the Serbian president late last week.




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