Vucic repeats: There is no energy agreement, Albanians want to occupy the North of Kosovo

Albanians talk about energy because they „want to take North Kosovo in anyway… That’s the essence of everything“ – Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic reiterated on Tuesday his earlier claims about the „occupation“ of the North, which is also what the Vecernje Novosti and some Belgrade newspapers have written in a series of articles lately.

„They want energy in order to occupy Valac and to physically occupy Gazivode,“ speaks the Serbian President.

„And I told them – it cannot be done, and I told the international representatives a million times – it cannot be so“ – said.

Vucic 2015: Serbia ready for Valac to become a mixed company; ready to compromise on Gazivode

This is what the Serbian President (the prime minister at that time), said on the energy issue in early 2015, on a political show on Serbian TV:

Serbia is ready for Valac to become a mixed company – a new company in which nine Serbian workers will remain to work still.

Vucic also mentioned that Serbia is ready to reach a compromise solution on Gazivode, but it cannot „surrender the entire Gazivode lake“ – „to give all the water and electricity to Metohija“, just as they „imagined“, and that Serbia’s task is to protect its interests.

Vucic reiterated that there is no energy agreement in place but that the discussion will continue instead.

„The obligation of the Brussels Agreement is to continue with discussions on energy and telecommunications,“ he explained.

Opposite to the energy issue, Vucic confirmed that the telecommunications agreement had been both reached and implemented. For the Serbian President this is why Kosovo Serbs are „entitled to dial without a code number“ while „Albanians have their own code area“.

„Implement the Brussels Agreement and we will discuss anything else,“ is the message Vucic sent to the public, reminding that six points of the Brussels Agreement refer to the Community of Serbian Municipalities.

„It is the sole obligation that the Albanians had to deliver on and it has not crossed their minds to fulfill it,“ he said.

On the other hand, he claimed that the „Trepca law is back in the game“.

„So everything they do is only about the North,“ added Vucic, „such was the scary harassment and attempted humiliation“ by arresting Marko Djuric“.

On the army

Aleksandar Vucic also responded to a journalist’s question, Tanjug reported: „Following the frequent attacks on Serbs and media speculation from Pristina on the deployment of security forces along the administrative line, bringing together thousands of members of Kosovo security forces, what is envisaged under the UN resolution?“

„The answer usually goes – whenever you refer to Resolution 1244, and I have repeatedly received an unambiguous warning: ‘If your army or police try to enter Kosovo in any way, NATO would treat it as a hostile act and you would be met with one of the most powerful forces in the world’. So, I am saying this because of our people, that our people should know. I’m not particularly fascinated, not scared and many things in the world have changed, I do not know what, I’m just telling you how serious the situation is and how many people are not interested in the law at all, and how they don’t care for UN resolutions, but for force and the factual situation,“ Vucic said.

„The right force is in place, and we have to behave in accordance with that, to preserve peace,“ he added.

Again he repeated:

„They have only one dream – the occupation of the North of Kosovo.“

He went further, stating Kosovo Albanians „want the north“, the Serbian President also claims that Albanians „have no right to enter the north of Kosovo with their troops or any security forces“, without the double consent – from NATO and the local community. It has, however, happened twice:

Once was the case of the „false train“ which, they (Albanians), „did not even see“.

In spite of all this, the Serbian president has so far, it is claimed, succeeded to preserve peace and stability, but, as he acknowledges, it is becoming increasingly difficult:

„Due to the fact that nervousness is getting more vivid amongst the Albanians, they obviously want, by any costs, to take whatever they think of, and it seems to them it is as per the right as given to them by the United States and some other Western countries while bombing Serbia, destroying our army and Serbia.“


Serbian police in the North have been officially integrated into the Kosovo Police. The integrated border crossings are installed, while permanent facilities are being built at the same time. Members of the Civil Protection, as well as Serbian judges and prosecutors, were also integrated into Kosovo institutions.

Serbian municipalities have been disbanded, and so-called „interim bodies“ are in effect. The Serb parliamentary and presidential elections were delivered under the auspices of the OSCE, not the local authorities.

The Kosovo local and parliamentary elections were held for the first time. Kosovo municipalities are functional, led by Kosovan mayors.

Serbian telecommunications stopped operations within the Serbian system and continued as a Kosovo registered company, with a time-limited license. Under the same agreement, Kosovo received a country code number, +383, that will be fully operational from November.

The same is expected to be with the Serbian EPS. The registration within the Kosovo system, however, was postponed several times.

Liaison officers between Pristina and Belgrade were also appointed, while the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo work closely together and hold regular meetings.

Regarding the energy agreement, a single agreement was reached in September 2013, which was followed by the, as Belgrade states – „the conclusions of the EU mediators on the implementation of the 2013 Energy Agreement“.



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