Burazer: New government not a guarantee for the continuation of the dialogue

Burazer: New government not a guarantee for the continuation of the dialogue

Serbian cultural and religious heritage in Kosovo a sovereignty issue for both Belgrade and...

The status of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo, as well as Serbian religious and cultural heritage, is a matter of status and sovereignty, both for Belgrade and Pristina – the majority of experts who attended the webinar on “Serbian Cultural and Religious Heritage in Kosovo, from Ahtisaari’s Special Zones to the Final Status” underlined. On the other hand, this fact politically burdens the key topic for the Serbian church and people in Kosovo, which is why the Eparchy of Raska-Prizren requested that the status of Serbian holy sites in Kosovo be discussed separately from any negotiations on the political status of Kosovo, the Abbot of the Visoki Decani monastery, Sava Janjic said.
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Kosovo: The 92-year-old woman alone in an abandoned village

Vladica Dicic, an ethnic Serb, has befriended an Albanian who visits regularly, describing him as her 'third son'. For a long time, the path leading to the abandoned village of Vagnes in eastern Kosovo has only...

Abbott: Whatever the reaction to the Constitutional Court’s decision, it should be peaceful and...

Whatever the decision of the Constitutional Court, it is important that it is respected by all; it may lead to new elections or a new government - the British ambassador to Pristina, Nicholas Abbott reacted pending a decision by the Kosovo Constitutional Court on whether there will be a new Kosovo government without elections or if new elections will be called.

OpisMEDIJavanje: Think about where the media get their money from

Two-thirds of the money received by the media in Serbia, especially local ones, comes from the state. Although this should not be the case, this means that the media do not criticize the government. For the state or local self-government institutions, this is especially important in the pre-election period, which is why this year's competitions for the media were announced earlier, Branko Cecen warned.

Matkos Group director: We did not enter private property; we have all the permits,...

We did not enter private property. Drinking water has not been jeopardized. Our company is not endangering the environment and we are not breaking the law. We have all the necessary permits. The accusations...

Profession, law, and justice

Recently, a Kosovo public service journalist received a second reprimand for using the term „Metohija“, which was interpreted as spreading racial and religious intolerance, as well as inappropriate behavior within RTK. This is just...
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Kosovo society should not deny the crimes of certain KLA members

Interview is orginally pubished on Tjednik Novosti , translation provided by KoSSev The former adviser to the Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, Shkelzen Gashi spoke to Novosti about the circumstances of his dismissal. I said that some...
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Germany and France: Re-start the EU-led dialogue now!

Joint article of French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. The corona virus has turned our daily lives upside down, with a risk to accentuate the conflicts, vulnerabilities, and inequalities...
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OpisMEDIJavanje: Any unverified information or half-truth can lead to major consequences

"A correspondent is a journalist who regularly prepares news, reports, and analyses for a media outlet located in another city or country. They are not journalists who specialize in a certain area. They follow...

Serwer: Thaci unwilling to accept what Serbia is offering, Vucic what Thaci is offering

I fear that Vucic and Thaci could reach an agreement by September that would include an exchange of territories and people. Such an agreement would not have the support of the public and would...
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Djuric: Kurti’s audacity is surprising, he is hitting out at US diplomacy; we deterred...

The head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric announced that he is not surprised that the United States wants an active role, a solution and to be involved in mediation between Belgrade and Pristina. According to Djuric, however, he is surprised by the "audacity" of Albin Kurti and some other Albanian leaders who are "hitting out at American diplomacy". Djuric also revealed that Pristina politicians have never acted like that without "someone powerful standing behind them."
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MMF: Voice of America correspondent accused of ‘propaganda’ by political party

Source: Mapping Media Freedom On 16 May 2020, a journalist with Voice of America in Kosovo, Budimir Nicic, was personally accused by the Srpska Lista (Serbian List) political party in Kosovo of trying to undermine trust...
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The embassies recalled that the Constitutional Court’s decision on Decani monastery’s land has not...

“Four years is too long.  Respecting court decisions is not optional.  Institutions should implement the decision on Decani Monastery’s land immediately,” the US Ambassador to Kosovo, Philip Kosnett tweeted today. The British embassy also...
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What happened with Metohija?

As Petrit Imami writes in the book "Serbs and Albanians through Centuries," there was a conflict between Albanian quisling-nationalists and anti-fascists during World War II. In response to the abuse of the Prizren League in 1878, in the newspaper KPJ Sloboda (1943), Fadil Hoxha announced: "The peoples of Kosovo and Metohija will organize a conference, perhaps not in Prizren, which will hold more importance than the one in 1878. (Imami, 2016: 469).” This Bujan conference, created as a response to the Second Prizren League, was later contested in CPY circles mostly due to the following sentence: "Kosovo and Dukagjin/Metohija is an area mostly inhabited by the Shiptar people, who today, as always, want to unite with Shipnija (470).”

OpisMEDIJavanje: You have the right to know what the institutions are doing

Everyone has the right to access documents of public importance, although it is most often expected from journalists, the editor of the Crno Beli Svet portal, Sanja Sovrlic said. It is important to use this option because institutions are not the private property of individuals and everyone has the right to know how citizens' money is being spent, Sovrlic added.
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Kosovo war crimes trials still at the beginning

The Kosovo judiciary is only at an initial stage of the huge task of providing justice for the victims and their families. EULEX’s assessment that the Kosovo judiciary was capable of taking over prosecution of war crimes and that international assistance in this field was no longer required - which the past year has shown – was premature, the Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo assessed in its latest report on the state of the Kosovo judiciary. The main trials of war crimes indictments that took place during the reporting period lasted for an unacceptably long time, even in cases where the defendants were in detention. The Kosovo Judicial Council and the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council must urgently address the issue of translation of court and prosecutorial decisions into minority languages, while establishing cooperation between Kosovan and Serbian judicial authorities is of vital importance.
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UNS: Srpska Lista to apologize to journalist Budimir Nicic for its unfounded accusations

UNS: Srpska Lista to apologize to journalist Budimir Nicic for its unfounded accusations
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Vucic: I will not recognize Kosovo as a whole; I don’t remember the last...

"When they (Lajcak, Heiko Maas, Pendarovski) talk about the fact that there are no territorial changes, I want you to know that they are not being frank. They want Serbia to fully recognize the territory of Kosovo as an independent state. Of course, I won’t do that," the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic said on TV Prva today. Vucic also told them that, in that case, they should bring someone else to power in Serbia because "begging them for something doesn’t cross his mind".
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OpisMEDIJavanje: Young journalists rarely have the opportunity to work in professional newsrooms

Limited opportunities to work in professional newsrooms, violations of workers' rights, and sexism are the main challenges young Kosovo journalists face, BIRN journalist, Doruntina Baliu said. In addition to these challenges, which are not...
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