Vecernje Novosti, after the „plan to cut-off the North“: Vucic rejected a US document on Kosovo

In a series of Vecernje Novosti articles on Kosovo, after an allegation that „Albanians are planning to cut-off the north through NATO“, and that „Kosovo Security Forces, with logistical support from the Americans, are preparing an incursion into the north of Kosovo in September“,  a new article appeared in the paper’s weekend edition: „Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic rejected a draft paper on the resolution to the Kosovo problem, known as the ‘American package’, as he assessed it to be unworthy of any attention and unacceptable for our country, so he did not want to introduce it in public“. We publish the translation of the original text below „Novosti learns – the US plan fails: Vucic refused KiM package“:

„The existence of this non-paper, which our newspaper was the first to report and which was recently forwarded via informal diplomatic channels to Andricev Venac (the President’s residency), was confirmed by the Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo Enver Hoxhaj on Saturday. He hoped that Belgrade would accept the paper, which requires Serbia to indirectly recognize the independence of the false state.

Kosovo and Serbian representatives were presented with a four pillar historic agreement. Solving open bilateral issues between the two countries is mutual recognition, and it is precisely the paper that has been in put Belgrade’s hands.

‘This is followed by Kosovo’s accession to the UN, which as a process naturally depends on an agreement between Serbia and Kosovo,’ Hoxhaj said.

The expectations of the Pristina authorities are illusory since the document that Hoxhaj talks about is a dead letter on paper, due to, as we have been told, a humiliation of Belgrade’s efforts to reach a compromised solution for the decades-old Kosovo agony.

We recall that key Western countries sent President Vucic a draft document with the strong ‘authorial seal’ of the United States that relies on the four pillars mentioned by Hoxhaj, which are:

* The Community of Serb Municipalities receives wider executive powers and enhanced competencies in the fields of health, education and culture.

* The Community would be closely linked to the vice-president of the Kosovo government who would come from the ranks of the Serbian people and who would practically be the controller of its work and of its authority.

* Belgrade is expected to enable Pristina to join international organizations, primarily the UN.

* If the Serbian side agrees to this package, it would enable our country to join the European Union, and the United States would guarantee its broader economic and diplomatic support in the international political arena.

Therefore, Western powers expect from our country that, in exchange for the Community of Serbian Municipalities, the formation of which has been undermined by Pristina for more than five years, we do not block the acceptance of a so-called Kosovo as a member of the UN. This was absolutely unacceptable from our side and it is logical that the head of state did not take such an ‘offer’ into consideration either.

It is obvious that Hoxhaj perfidiously returned the dead „American package“ back into the game again in order to leave the impression in international circles that Belgrade again refuses a ‘gallant’ offer that would make the finger of guilt for the pat-position in the dialogue turned back to our side.

Unfortunately, maintaining a political vacuum in KiM only undermines the hopeless intentions of Ramush Haradinaj and Hashim Thaci to take the north of Kosovo with the help of the United States, which Novosti wrote on Saturday.

The administration, with the mute consent of western mentors, with a new spiral of violence against Serbs is suspending the Brussels agreement, while secretly preparing a plan to finalise the ‘sovereignty’ of a false state throughout the territory.

In the context of increasing number of informal options for the partition of KiM, the Washington administration is by no means in favor that Belgrade also takes over the north de jure, as it would create a buffer zone between Bosniaks and Albanians, their trusted allies, and Serbia would take control of Kopaonik and Zubin Potok which are important strategic points.

How will the West treat Vucic’s move to virtually ignore the ‘American package’ one can only get a hint insofar based upon well-practiced Western retaliatory instruments. Thus, our officials have already got a ‘tip’ that Serbia could, as they say, with its further non-cooperativeness on Kosovo jeopardise its path to the EU. Another risk factor is, as it is estimated, a reduction in direct foreign investment, primarily from EU countries, which would be a huge blow to the Serbian economy that is slowly raising its head. „



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