Vucic: The only thing Albanians are interested in is how to occupy the North

The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic – Twitter account

„My appeal to international representatives is not only to listen to, but to hear what the Albanians are saying, to understand their messages well and prevent their possible attempts for a violent incursion into the North and further attacks on the Serb population“- conveys a new message the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic. There are repeated messages as well: We will not allow anyone to expel, kill and commit a pogrom against Serbs in an apocalyptic way such as it was in 1995 (recalling „Oluja“ – the expulsion of Croatian Serbs).

In a new address to the public, a second in the same day (Friday), while commenting on allegations from Pristina on the energy agreement during a pause at a conference on the support to victims and witnesses of crimes, Vucic said that the only thing that Albanians are interested in is „invading“ and the „occupation“ of the North.

„As for the energy issue, there is no energy agreement,“ claimed the President.

„The point is that they (Kosovo Albanians) think that due to current pressures from two Western countries – we need to hastily give up of Gazivode and Valac, but I have already said many times –  it cannot be the way you imagined it. And I told you so already about five years ago  – once when we fulfilled our obligation back at the time and started talking about the energy system; because, it is the purpose of taking the North under their control. That’s all they want, and that’s the only thing they are interested in – how to occupy the North of Kosovo. This is the only topic that they are interested in,“ says the President of Serbia.

„There are no agreements, they lie, fabricate and they do it openly“

He adds that „the bottom line on energy“ is that „they want to take over our electricity transmission network“.

Albanians escape from the Brussels Agreement, the EU does not abide by it

„As you can see, the Albanians are escaping from the Brussels Agreement, and unfortunately the EU are not abiding by it, under whose auspices the Brussels Agreement was concluded; they are not interested in the implementation of the Brussels Agreement. Serbia, I have repeated times, has implemented every point of the Brussels Agreement.“

„We even offered them 5 + 5, which is joint management, we offered everything, they did not want anything. Gazivode, which is located partly in the territory of central Serbia, and mostly in the territory of the municipality of Zubin Potok, which is one of the four northern Kosovo municipalities. Therefore, they have never been interested in listening to, hearing to the arguments of the Serbian side,“ continued Vucic.

He repeated the non-existence of an energy agreement:

„Therefore, it does not matter at all, we do not have this agreement. These people have to understand. They lie, fabricate, and they do it openly, uncovered. And everyone is silent and everyone gives the impression that they hear nothing and see nothing.“

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A strong economy is a prerequisite for peace and stability, we will not allow anyone to kill Serbs

The Serbian president again claimed „a lot of uneasy stuff for the coming period“, combining the „golden age of Serbia“ and his promise that it „will not allow the killing and expulsion“ of Kosovo Serbs:

„But as far as the economy is concerned, it is going well, and it will go even better, and as the only condition for such accelerated progress, and for it to be the true golden age of Serbia we must preserve peace and stability, which is why we will do our best to talk, to negotiate. But we will not allow anyone to kill Serbs, to carry out a pogrom against the Serbs, or expel Serbs, I would say, in an apocalyptic manner, as was the case in 1995.“

Earlier, during the day, Vucic again spoke to the  public about his anxiety on the issue.

“I fear that, with the mute support of someone, they (the Albanians) decided not only to bring uncertainty and anxiety among Serbs, especially the returnees south of the Ibar, but they will grow fear in northern Kosovo with what they did to Marko Djuric and by not carrying out the investigation into the murder of Oliver Ivanovic,“ Vucic told the state RTS television.

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