Vucic: Hunger for the occupation of the North of Kosovo, the North is standing in the way of the Green Transversal

„Some Albanians have a need for the formation of the so-called Green Transversal, and on the path of the Green Transversal is the north of Kosovo. North Kosovo is located precisely between South Mitrovica, Vucitrn, Srbica, or Skenderaj, as they call it, and Ribaric, Novi Pazar, that central part of Serbia, the Raska region or Sandzak, whatever you call it. And that’s why they are so bothered by the territory of North Kosovo“- is the new message from Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, in Belgrade.

The Serbian President continued to comment on yesterday’s statement by the Vice-President of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Rexhep Hoti, that the division of Kosovo „is not on the agenda“ and that „it cannot be if Kosovo does not take Sandzak, the Presevo Valley and its part of Montenegro,“ he told the press:

„They should consider Vojvodina, Belgrade, if it’s possible, Sumadija is implied, so let’s ask Orban now whether he will give them Kecskemet or that northeastern part with Miskovec and … And what can I tell you about it? Of course, I’m joking, but what can I say about it? Simply, I did not know that Albanians and Bosniaks were one and the same,“ the Serbian President also said.

„But I cannot always tell everyone about everything, because someone will misunderstand it. And when I talk about their hunger for the occupation of the north of Kosovo, I always had all these arguments – both Gazivode and Valac and their need to maintain that kind of green line they always insisted on and which, as you can see, one of their politicians can no longer hide it, even if it was not about the Albanian issue and about the Albanian people. That’s what we saw, that’s what we know, that’s what we feel and it’s something that will not happen.“

„Numerous organized incidents, they do everything on command“

Hoti’s statement came after the message of the Serbian Minister of Defense, Aleksandar Vulin – that he believes that „demarcation“ is the solution for Kosovo and that it is a way to „stop the expansion of Greater Albania“.

However, there was no reaction from officials in Belgrade on Vulin’s message from this weekend.

PINK TV journalist also asked the Serbian President: „And what if they go on to occupy North Kosovo? How can Serbia react, how will Serb representatives react?“

„That’s what I asked all of you once, and I did not receive an answer. But our job is to do everything, to preserve peace, to ensure stability and to guarantee security to our people everywhere in Kosovo and Metohija. For the most part, we have managed to do so, despite numerous organized incidents, because as far as they are concerned there are no random incidents. These are stories for little children. They do it by command, and they always work on command, but it’s still not a dramatic scale. It’s not small, it’s not insignificant, but it’s not dramatic. Precisely because, I think, we have managed to lead a responsible and smart policy,” the Serbian President replied.

Warnings about “the occupation” of the North

Allegations of a Green Transversal were previously presented in a statement by the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, who also responded to Hoti’s message. More details in the news:

Kosovo Office: Hoti threatens with a non-existent force, actualizes dreams of a ‘Greater Albania’

From the beginning of the month, the Serbian President has been warning the public of Serbia that Albanians are only interested in „taking“ and  „occupying” the North.

Some Belgrade newspapers and media outlets have released a series of news pieces on alleged plans for „the occupation of the North“ and the „intrusion into the North“ by Kosovo-Albanian troops, with the support of NATO units and the US, with the content shocking announcements and sending a warning to the Serbian population.

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