Vucic: Do not join the Kosovo Army, they want Serbs to fight each other, for you to occupy the North

„We have precise data because they have tricked our Serbs and offered huge salaries only to Serbs, to entice them to join. And I join Goran Rakic’s appeal not to do so – they do not have the right to form an army – I urge them not to do so and not to participate, Serbs were already in a lot of different armies. We have one army – the Army of Serbia. And this is my request and my appeal.“ Today, the Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic, once again urged Serbs not to join the Kosovo Security Force.

He added how “a large number of people, from a village in the Novo Brdo municipality, joined the Kosovo army.”  However, he did not specify which village, saying that he would „not say it“.

Officials have already warned Serbs against joining the KSF. However, a somewhat different message from the municipality of Novo Brdo was released to the public as well. At the same time, a number of incidents in recent months related to Serb members of the KSF have been reported. Read more in the news:

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„We are doing everything we can in the field. And as you can see, foreign ‘agentura’ and many others accuse Serbia and everyone else right away. And think about what do you want? Do you want these people to come and occupy the north tomorrow, Serbs fighting Serbs,“ he also added.

„Every time I get criticized for something by those who hate Serbia, I know that I did something good,“ added the President of Serbia, explaining how he knows that he „did something very good for Serbs in Kosovo“:

„When I see them, those who appear on certain television channels, the false representatives of Serbs from Kosovo who receive 0.01% of votes, because Srpska Lista represents the people of Kosovo… when various ‘agentura’, foreign representatives, etc. start attacking me, I am always satisfied, because I know that I did something good, because they are the representatives who have already recognized the independence of Kosovo, especially those from Kosovo itself, because they are frantically working on getting Kosovo a UN chair, and that Serbia does not receive anything.“

However, he did not specify who are these, as he called them, false representatives of Serbs from Kosovo.

The solutions that should mark our future need the EU and other great powers

Responding to journalists’ questions, he also commented on the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina. After allegations that some other countries could join the dialogue, which was subsequently denied, Politika published the text of the Russian Ambassador to Belgrade, Alexander Chepurin, today, who noted that there is a possibility that Russia will „involve itself even deeper“ in resolving the Kosovo problem, if such proposals were to happen.

We are always ready to talk, but for great solutions and solutions that should „mark our future with peace, economic prosperity, and compromise,“ it is necessary for you to have the European Union, but you must also have great powers like America, Russia, China and many others, the Serbian President said today, citing:

„We will negotiate under the auspices of the EU, we have negotiated and will continue to do so, as far as we are concerned, in the same format. I think it’s not realistic if one thinks you can finish something, without Washington and Moscow being informed or participating in it, in one way or another. If Washington is already participating, excuse me, it is in our interest that Moscow is also involved in certain things, someone who does not recognize the independence of Kosovo.“

The Serbian president has directed his latest messages to Serbs, about Kosovo and the dialogue, at the opening of the Lidl logistics center in Nova Pazova.

Vucic dismissed „some drafts“, he did not even see the draft of the EU paper

As reported by Tanjug, when asked about the allegations that one of the EU countries requested an insight into the draft of the final agreement, prepared by the European Union, Vucic replied:

„I did not see the EU paper either as a draft, or as a suggestion, I saw some other drafts which I rejected, and I did not see the EU paper, they never showed it to me. When you get something from Pristina, you know that Pristina is not the only one behind it, when you get something from the other side of the Atlantic, you also know that some people in Europe are involved, so when something serious arrives – I’ll let you know.“


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