Serbia’s Vucic worries about support for Albanians, fears they „would take some other measures, at some point“

Aleksandar Vucic, the President of Serbia, said on Friday he was concerned about the latest events in Kosovo and is worried Albanians would “take other measures at some point.”

He asked the international community to take that into account.

“I fear that, with the mute support of someone, they (the Albanians) decided not only to bring uncertainty and anxiety among Serbs, especially the returnees south of the Ibar, but they will grow fear in northern Kosovo with what they did to Marko Djuric and by not carrying out the investigation into the murder of Oliver Ivanovic,“ Vucic told the state RTS television.

He said he was fearing that they „would take some other measures, at some point“ without precisely saying which ones, „pleading with the international representatives to deal with the situation“.

The Serbian President added that he knew that all this had been functioning in Kosovo until 2003.

„At that time, we had a harmonized situation, standards before status, and it did not even exist then like it exists today – meaning standards in Kosovo. The clicks and triggers for giving some kind of independence to Kosovo’s autonomy were riots in 2004 when the Albanians took the matter into their own hands, always with the direct support of some western countries,“ he said.

Asked about reaction of the international community following all the events in Kosovo, Vucic said that „they are talking about an agreement that does not exist all the time.

„What the international community will say, they sit and look at me and bow their heads. They all speak of an non-existing agreement, they do not know what to do with them,“ he said.

He added that statements carried out by Kosovo representatives are „scary,“ because they say to the whole of Europe and the world that they are not interested in the ZSO (Association of Serbian Municipalities).

„They are not interested in the Brussels agreement,“ added Vucic.

Serbia’s President added that “no one will hide anything” from the citizens and reiterated that a referendum (on a legally binding deal with Pristina) was a way of checking their will.

“When we get something we can tell people, we will do that, and a referendum is one of the solutions. If you want to change the Constitution, you have to go to the referendum,” Vucic said.



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