Vucic: At this moment I do not know what I would suggest to the people, but whatever we do it is a referendum

Aleksandar Vučić
Aleksandar Vučić

„And where are these 20,000 who are going to die? Where are they? Do you know? ‘You want me to tell you how many people dropped out of the army on the day they learned there was a possibility to go to the north of Kosovo? Some papers wrote (about it). Do you want me to talk about it?“ This was said today by the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Army and President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic, while criticizing an unidentified side for the alleged intention to send 20,000 people to fight against an unidentified side while the other side were willing to sacrifice 100,000 lives to not let Serbs do it.

The first man of Serbia talked in public from the „Teleoptik“ factory in Zemun, describing it as the „brain of the defense industry“, accompanied by the defense minister Aleksandar Vulin.

„So it will go very hard on the Kosovo issue. It is better to reach an agreement than fail to do so,“ Vučić says.

He again spoke of „Storm Operation“, and the „Flash Operation“ (Bljesak), in his words – “ for the tenth time now“ – that Kosovo Serbs „will not be killed“:

„I have spoken already many times about Storm, Flash and all other criminal actions against our people that will not happen. And I hope I was clear enough, this is the tenth time for me to repeat something like this.“

„I saw it that I am the leader of the North Kosovo Army , I have seen everything. I am not. And if I did, I would not violate the Serbian constitution at all. But I’m not. But will we let them… will we let us be silent and look into the sky while letting them to kill people, “ said also the Serbian president.

Answering to an N1 TV journalist’s question whether Serbia placed pressure on Serb KSF members, Vucic said:

„What does it mean? How come?“

„My point is that Serbs should not participate in Kosovo’s security forces. They say we’re pressuring. If the pressure is to say that we do not want a Serb to shoot at Serbs, because – to what will that army serve? Do not tell me it will attack Albanians in Albania or Albanians in Macedonia, or Albanians in Montenegro with whom they have a border, who will they attack? It only makes sense if they go against Serbs and Serbia, right? Does anyone really think that it is normal for Serbs to shoot at each other as we used to, similar to the times when participating in the Turkish and Austrian militaries, to shoot at each other? I think that’s really not normal. If you think that I’m putting pressure, you call it the way you want it.“


Although the Serbian president does not know at present what to propose to the people, but if he ever has something to propose, then the people will decide themselves on Kosovo.

It certainly will be a referendum, Vucic said today:

„In order for our people to decide something about something, we must offer something to the people. At this point in time, I do not know what I would suggest to the people. If we have something to suggest to the people, then our people will decide what to do. Whatever we do, we have to go to a referendum. No matter how we change in any way, whatever constitutional changes we can make, we must go to a referendum.“

He claimed to read on a daily basis „between 500 and 600 pages of documents, both confidential and public“, so he will come up with a proposal „when he knows what is the maximum“ that Serbia can get.

And, whilst Serbia had, not less than ten days ago, hoped for at least a metre, today the Serbian president is struggling to keep up better and with more compared to earlier times.

„On a daily level, we struggle to preserve something and to have something from Kosovo and Metohija. Everyone who criticizes me on a daily level knows how right I am,“ said Vucic.

He claimed that Albanians will not present the draft statute of the Association/ Community in Brussels on 4th August, but he will, nevertheless, continue to fight for Serb interests.

„Not only do I doubt of this, but I’m telling you they will not do it,“ he replied to a journalist’s question.

Vucic raised several times today severe criticism against Serb oppositional leaders naming them as „jerks“, „thieves“ etc.



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