Belgrade media: „Vucic exposed to brutal threats by the West over Kosovo, will break him by releasing fabricated information involving his brother“

Foto: Tanjug/Dimitrije Goll

„The Serbian president is exposed to brutal threats by the West over Kosovo, writes the Serbian Telegraph, reporting on information that Western forces are blackmailing Vucic to accept their solution on Kosovo, otherwise it will ‘break him’ by „releasing fabricated information involving his brother“ – is one of today’s headlines created by Serbian news agencies and the media.

The title of the Srpski Telegraf article is „The West Threatens: VUCIC, YOUR BROTHER WILL SUFFER!„. The paper cites, alleged, information learned from „diplomatic-intelligence circles“:

„The strategists behind this plan assess that Vucic is particularly sensitive when it comes to his younger brother, and they believe that, since the Kosovo problem has come to a turning point, and while it also does not go the way, it was planned in Washington, London, Brussels and Pristina , the best decision is to apply a ‘dirty method and activate a plan that foresees to break Vucic through his family’.“

The idea is to release „false information related to serious accusations against Andrej Vucic through obedient media and in all other ways“ – read part of the article.

It also quotes sources that alledge „the accusations will be released to the public at key moments when something happens in Kosovo or in relation to Kosovo“:

„For example, before important rounds of dialogue in Brussels or Vucic’s meetings with key international stakeholders; then, in their opinion, Vucic will be forced to defend himself instead of demanding something on behalf of Serbia“.

Finally, the news in Srpski Telegraf was confirmed by Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin. He stated that „a media group is being set up in Serbia to attack Vucic, his closest associates and family.“

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