New car arson attack in the North: Opel Corsa in Zubin Potok. Against a Serb KSF member?

Another vehicle was ablaze in the North of Kosovo yesterday evening. The owner is, allegedly a Serb KSF member, (M.J.), KoSSev learned through unnamed sources. We could not, however confirm such information with the police, either with the North Kosovo Police, or the HQ in Pristina.

„The victim, a man, a Kosovo Serb, reported that unknown people burned his Opel Corsa car. No injuries have been reported and relevant police departments continue to investigate, “ stated the regular daily police incident report in Kosovo from Sunday.

Despite several e-mails and phone calls made since last night to Kosovo police, to confirm the origin of the victim, we were not able to confirm or find out more official details on the incident.

„You already have this information in the 24-hour daily report,“ wrote a spokesman for Baki Keljani in a short SMS message.

A total of five cars have been burned since the beginning of this year. The last case before this happened at the end of April in Zubin Potok when a BMW owned by a suspended KP officer was torched. Three days earlier, a privately owned vehicle by an employee of the North Mitrovica Detention Center was also torched. After the assassination of Oliver Ivanovic, the vehicle suspected to belong to the assassinator was set on fire.

Car arson accident cases occur quite often in the north of Kosovo with more than 33 cases reported, including aditional cases in other Serb populated areas south of Ibar River.

The commander of the police station in North Mitrovica, Djordje Karamarkovic, spoke during the last municipal session about the burning of cars in the north of Kosovo by admitting that no case had been solved so far. The cases remain „very difficult to investigate“, he said. Kosovo Police are aware that the burning of cars is carried out during the early or late morning hour, in the same manner.

„All police forces are involved in the investigation. We have reinforced night patrols, and vigilance, so I think that this proactive approach will yield results and it must,“ stated an optimistic police chief.

See the car torching statistics for the past four years in the North of HERE

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