A Serb member of the Kosovo Security Force arrested by Serbian authorities and released

A Serb member of the Kosovo Security Forces who was arrested yesterday by the Serbian authorities in Konculj – and was released, Kosovo Minister of Kosovo Security Forces, Rustem Berisa, confirmed to Kosovo media. Berisa confirmed that this is the third case that has happened in the past few days.

He also admitted of having "no accurate information" on the nature of the arrest, but, said further, as these media have reported:

"It is most likely that this is the continuation of the statement that all KSF members will be sentenced to 10 years in prison," referring to Marko Djuric's statement earlier this week.

Berisha also explained that the other two KSF members were released after two hours, without more details on their identity.

Serbian member of KSF M.Š., was arrested yesterday at 2 pm at the border crossing Konculj.

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramus Haradinaj had announced the news earlier via his Facebook Page expressing his concern for this.



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