Milena Popovic: What if EULEX is the culprit?

Oliver Ivanovic’s partner, Milena Popovic spoke about the politicization of Oliver Ivanovic’s murder from Pink TV studio today. The Pink journalist praised Popovic’s „braveness“ to speak on the murder and said that Oliver is “speaking through her”.

„Professor Ivanovic“, as she was introduced on the website of Pink TV, agreed with the talk show presenters that Ivanovic’s murder was politicized. She stated that she believed the killers would be found immediately upon the assassination, however, as she later realized – “many vultures wanted to take advantage of this tragedy”.

During the entire interview, Popovic pointed a finger at Pristina and the Albanians, including EULEX, reiterating her earlier statement on its alleged involvement in the murder. She claimed that she started receiving numerous negative comments and threats on social networks exactly after she made her suspicions against EULEX known.

It is orchestrated and tells a lot, Popovic said describing the „avalanche of attacks“ from Pristina, she claimed. She added that she files them all and informs „the proper authorities“ but it would be no problem for her to show Pristina as well.

Popovic also strongly accused certain Serbs – “the populist vultures” – of abusing the tragedy and attacking both Serbia and her.

“I have learned a lot by living with Oliver and I have a lot of information, so that’s it, I am drawing my own picture of everything, so we’ll see. You never know. I think the truth cannot be hidden, even though it may be in someone’s interest now,“ she said in line with her earlier statement of conducting her own investigation.

When asked by the journalist: Why is Pristina bothered by Oliver Ivanovic and the Ivanovic family? Are you the target now that Oliver is physically gone? Popovic replied:

„I read all kinds of things about myself and that was at the time I moved to Belgrade. I stand, of course, by my country, and I do not know why someone now expects me to stand by the Kosovo President or the Kosovo state after everything that happened to me there, starting from Oliver’s murder. I do not know what they are trying to do?! Are all of us who are on Serbia’s side guilty? I know that some of our people are working with them and that they are exchanging information. I also know that some of the populist vultures who are trying now, who find the Oliver Ivanovic story interesting at this moment, and who are using this story and attacking me because it is some sort of a scoop and then they lie and tell all kinds of lies about themselves.“

Popovic said that she did not go to Pristina, claiming it was due to weather and obligations as always having her son with her but also she does not feel safe to do so. Therefore, she gave a statement in Belgrade.

On the other hand, both Popovic and Pink journalists criticized Pristina for not supplying her with information about the ongoing investigation.

She also criticized those Serbs, „who are saying good things about the Albanians“, and of not following the Kosovo media because „they would see how they are writing about Oliver in a negative context“, citing the time following Ivanovic’s arrest as an example, when „Oliver was on a daily basis portrayed as a war criminal next to Albanians with severed heads“.

„You know what: Pristina is not the only one to blame, and what I can tell you is that through history we have always fallen because of our disagreements and our disunity. Our enemy always knows that he will always find among us those to whom he could give something and who will talk and undermine our unity and that we simply destroy ourselves in that way, so our people are also to blame, with whom Pristina can manipulate and among whom it can inject some sort of disunity. I think that we should be one and that Serbia is our country and that we need to have some sort of limit and that we should just fight and be committed to one goal and that this is the only right thing. „

„The entire time someone is secretly planning something, the entire time something remains unspoken, while this tragedy is being used,“ Popovic said, warning that she will not rest until all those who falsely accused her are held responsible for their actions.

„But they must know that each chain has its weakest link and that everything eventually comes to an end,“ she concluded.

This „professor“ had planned to give a lecture entitled “THE MURDER OF OLIVER IVANOVIC” and “WOMEN IN POLITICS” on November 23rd in the Faculty of Law in Kragujevac. The news of this lecture was met with an avalanche of negative comments, however, it was not held because, as the organizer explained, Popovic’s son was ill at the time. On the same day, members of the Kosovo special police force arrested three Serbs in connection with the murder case of Oliver Ivanovic in North Mitrovica.

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