Oliver Ivanovic’s secretary remanded in custody for 48hr

15:11Oliver Ivanovic’s secretary remanded in custody for 48hr

The secretary of Oliver Ivanovic, Silvana Arsovic, was placed in custody for 48hr, Ivanovic’s closest associate, Ksenija Bozovic confirmed for KoSSev. She received confirmation of this from lawyers in Gracanica. She is currently on her way to Gracanica, in order to get more details.

13:55 – Oliver Ivanovic’s secretary testifying or detained in Pristina?

Oliver Ivanovic’s longtime secretary, Silvana Arsovic has requested a lawyer while travelling with the Kosovo Police to Pristina from North Mitrovica, Oliver Ivanovic’s closest party associate, KsenijaBozovic confirmed for KoSSev. During that time, Belgrade-based tabloid Informer reported that KsenijaBozovic was the one who was detained and that „Shiptar terror“ is continuing.

KsenijaBozovic, however, spoke with KoSSevfrom North Mitrovica, visibly upset by her suspicion that Silvana was detained and because she had no contact with her.

„They asked Silvana to go to the northern police station this morning and give a statement regarding the investigation into the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, which Silvana had done several times before. At the station, she was told that the special prosecutor said that she needs to go to Pristina, and then, as I understood, she called me sometime during the trip and told me to find her a lawyer. Since then, I had no contact with her. I’m very worried,“said Bozovic.

Kosovo media reported this morning that Arsovic was arrested.

The Kosovo police have remained silent on this matter.

In the meantime, KoSSev has been trying to get confirmation and official information from Pristina.

Silvana Arsovic is a longtime secretary of Oliver Ivanovic and was one of his closest associates and friends.

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