Milan Ivanovic: No one from the North killed Oliver Ivanovic, release the arrested Serbs

Protest Marko Rošić
Foto: KoSSev

Daily protests are being held in North Mitrovica following the increase to 100% tax on the import of products from Serbia. A protest was also held today in Gracanica and Strpce. Next to the usual messages: “EU open your eyes“, “We want peace not war“, “People of the world do not look away“ and many others, the protestors presented a new request today. The chief of Srpska Lista, Goran Rakic requested „the release of our brothers who were unjustifiably arrested“. Rakic further claimed that they are „also looking for the culprit, but they are not guilty“. The largest banners today read: „MARKO ROSIC IS NOT GUILTY!“ and „FIND THE REAL CULPRITS! FREE MY CHILD!!! JUSTICE FOR MARKO“ – which was held by Rosic’s mother. Marko Rosic is of one of the three Serbs arrested in connection with the murder case of Oliver Ivanovic, the Kosovo Police reported.

Foto: KoSSev

Rakic also claimed that Pristina’s aim was not to place economic pressure on Belgrade, but to “spread panic among the Serbian people and to evict them from these areas”.

The head of North Mitrovica Hospital Centre, Milan Ivanovic called for the abolition of the taxes and sent a message of support to the arrested Serbs. He also called for their release, emphasizing that they are not guilty.

„No one from the north killed Oliver Ivanovic, they locked him up, they brought false witnesses, they imprisoned him and kept him locked up for years and condemned him. Who had the motive, on which side are these motives?“ Ivanovic said.

He described the arrests as the “brutal arrests of Serbs in connection with false, fabricated charges“.

The President of the Provisional Authority of the Zvecan municipality, Ivan Todosijevic sent a message directly addressed to Pristina, claiming that it „wants to expel all Serbian people from these areas“ with the Kosovo army.

The President of the Provisional Authority of the Zubin Potok municipality, Srdjan Vulovic referred to the taxes as “genocidal”.

The student leader, Nemanja Bisevac stated that students „are being forced to spend the cold December days on the streets for freedom, for basic human rights“ instead of spending their days in amphitheaters and classrooms.

The protesters referred to the Kosovo Assembly MP, Miljana Nikolic as “a courageous woman”. Nikolic and her colleagues stayed overnight in the Assembly, waiting to talk to EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn about the „anti-civilization measures directed against the Serbian people“.

Three Serbs who were recently arrested in North Mitrovica on suspicion of having participated in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, received thirty-days detention by the Basic Court in Pristina, on the basis of a request sent from the Special Prosecutor’s Office of Kosovo. Aleksandar Curic, who was also arrested during the same operation for interfering with the police operation, was ordered house arrest. Special police units were unable to find the fourth suspect, Srpska Lista Vice-President, Milan Radoicic in the Grey building in North Mitrovica when they arrested the other three suspects. The Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, Minister of Justice Nela Kuburovic and the head of the Kosovo Office Marko Djuric announced that Milan Radoicic was not in any way involved with the murder of Oliver Ivanovic after Radoicic himself demanded to take the polygraph test.

The Government of Kosovo introduced a 10% tax increase on imports of products from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina on November 6th, and then increased the import tax to 100% on November 21st. Several protests were held in North Mitrovica since Friday 23rd November.

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