KOHA: Serbs arrested in connection with Ivanovic’s murder: Police officers allowed suspects to escape in a police vehicle

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Foto: Insajderi

Marko Rosic, Nedeljko Spasojevic, and Dragisa Markovic are believed to have been closely connected to the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. They are suspected of aggravated murder, disclosure of official information and illegal possession of weapons, the Pristina-based Koha Ditore wrote based on a letter they received from the Kosovo Prosecution and Court.

The main suspect among detainees, Spasojevic, who has been an inspector in the Kosovo Police in North Mitrovica since 2013, worked closely with an unknown suspect on the execution of Ivanovic’s murder – the letter also read, Koha Ditore reported.

The Prosecution believes that Spasojevic removed the obstacles, allowing suspects to escape from the crime scene in an official police vehicle, along with the other two police officers who were present at the scene.

„By doing this, Spasojevic did not perform his police duties and competencies at the scene of the crime. He prevented the crime scene from being secured, even allowed persons without authorization to photograph and destroy possible evidence. These are the grounds on which a well-founded suspicion was determined that this defendant committed the crime of aggravated murder,“ the letter stated.

Koha also reported that Marko Rosic’s connection with this crime is based on the letter found in the victim’s pocket, which contains the license plate number of a car belonging to Rosic’s family, B92 wrote.

The same car was used to monitor the victim’s brother even after the murder, while the third suspect, a member of the Kosovo Police, Dragisa Markovic is suspected of disclosing confidential information, B92 reported.

Other details of the case are currently available through the print edition and the prepaid online edition of the Koha Ditore article.

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Three Serbs who were recently arrested in North Mitrovica on suspicion of having participated in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, received a thirty-day detention by the Basic Court in Pristina, on the basis of a request sent from the Special Prosecutor’s Office of Kosovo. Aleksandar Curic, who was also arrested during the same operation for interfering with the police operation, was brought before the court in North Mitrovica.

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