Abbot Sava Janjic: EU has critical historical responsibility – Territorial partition threatens to force 70.000 Serbs south of the partition line to an imminent exodus

Otac Sava Janjic

Acceptance of ethnic partition between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo by territorial division and forcing 70,000 Serbs south of the partition line to an imminent exodus and leaving their holy sites in peril would mean that EU accepts the idea of agreed ethnic cleansing as a legitimate solution. This would be a dangerous precedent with unforeseeable consequences which would inevitably encourage replication of such a model throughout the continent. EU member states have critical historical responsibility if this scenario is politically supported. This will bring us back to the tragic years of the ex-Yu wars in the 90’s,“the clergy of the Eparchyof Raska-Prizren sent another warning.

The Abbot of Visoki Decani monastery, Sava Janjic posted this message on his Facebook page.

„After years of forceful ethnic cleansing in the Balkans and reshaping of ex-YU along almost completely ethnically clean entities there is a new danger of an agreed land-swap which would be nothing but a consensual exchange of populations-an agreed completion of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo,“ Father Sava wrote, publishing photos of the tragic fleeing of Serbian, Bosniak and Albanian people throughout ex-YU land during the war in nineties.

He asked whether the EU and US support such a scenario and “the return to the madness of the 90’s” and emphasized that this must never happen again.

Igor Simic: Ethnic delimitation will prevent ethnic cleansing

The Vice-President of the largest Kosovo Serb party – SrpskaLista and MP in the Kosovo Assembly Igor Simic, claimed opposite:

„The idea of delimitation, in its very essence, intends to prevent all possible future ethnic cleansing, which is clear to anyone who sincerely cares about the future of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija“.

This high-ranking Kosovo official from North Mitrovica has been releasing statements for days, in which he addressed the Abbot of Visoki Decani by his former name, „Dragutin“, and accused him of „anti-Serb activities“, using harsh syntagms and words.

Igor Simić na RTS-u
Igor Simić na RTS-u

„Through daily lobbying to freeze the conflict in Kosovo and Metohija Dragutin (Sava) Janjic is actually working in favor of our people disappearing from this region, but he is also rooting for the destruction of the foreign political and economic potentials of the Republic of Serbia, which is our only reliable protector. Janjic regularly publishes his social media announcements in English in order to curry favor from sponsors of the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo, so that they can see and valorize his anti-Serb action at this time. What kind of man and priest runs a daily campaign against the government of his own country (if Serbia is his country), and cuts ribbons with Agim Ceku with a smile on his face?“ Simic said in the latest statement.

Kosovo MP Igor Simic’s statements followed the messages of some top state representatives from Belgrade and the representatives of Srpska Lista on „espionage activities“ in which „certain political representatives“ and „religious representatives participated“ – as was claimed by them. The accusations came immediately upon Bishop Teodosije’s public appeal to international, Kosovo and Serbian officials to preserve peace and protect the remaining Kosovo Serbs, while resisting the idea of the partition of Kosovo, i.e. ethnic separation. Teodosije warned of an eventual exodus of ethnic communities. It was followed by Abbot Sava Janjic’s public alert on  the danger from a staged incident in the north of Kosovo in early August.

Eparchy of Raska-Prizren and Father Sava Janjic were also under an attack in the 90’s

Kosovo Eparchy of Raska-Prizren and Sava Janjic were also under attack during the 1990s, during Milosevic’s regime – when they strongly warned of the danger of war, the suffering and the exodus of both Serbian and Albanian people.

The Visoki Decani Monastery has been under UNESCO protection since 2005. Since 1999, it has been under military protection due to four armed attacks that have since occurred at the monastery and attempted terrorist attacks in 2016 by a group of armed Kosovo Islamists, while Janjic is also frequently accused by some Albanian representatives and organizations in Decani and wider. The priests from Decani, including Sava Janjic, recently also came under attack by the Kosovo public for greater Serbian nationalism, due to their latest counter efforts to halt the construction works of the Pec-Plav road near the monastery, which, they claim, has entered the protected monastery zone.

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