Srpska Lista on Abbot Sava Janjic, Oliver Ivanovic’s associate Ksenija Bozovic and Momcilo Trajkovic

Srpska lista protiv igumana Save Janjića,Ksenije Božović i Momčila Trajkovića
Srpska Lista against Abbot Sava Janjic, Ksenija Bozovic, and Momcilo Trajkovic

Srpska Lista continued through strong verbal statements discrediting certain individuals. Immediately after the message by the Abbot of Visoki Decani on Thursday that „masks have fallen“ and after the Serbian President confirmed that he is in favor of a „delimitation“ between Serbs and Albanians, they issued another statement against Abbot Janjic. This was quickly followed by a statement at the expense of the closest political associate to the assasinated Oliver Ivanovic – Ksenija Bozovic, who gave an interview to the reputable Serbian weekly Nin and the famous Olja Beckovic, standing in defense of Abbot Sanja Janjic. In the meantime, they also issued a third statement on the same day, in which they strongly verbalised their attack against another individual – Momcilo Trajkovic, following his guest appearance on Day Live (Dan Uživo) political talk-show on TV N1. We publish the original translations of the three statements issued by Srpska Lista on Thursday.

On Ksenija Bozovic:

„We are surprised that the media, at this historic moment, attaches importance to the statements coming from those who do not have any political legitimacy and support of the people, who have never done anything good for Kosovo and Metohija and for whom money and personal interest are more important than national interests.

Today, Ksenija Bozovic also reacted, who is known to people in Mitrovica as someone who has dismantled the party of the deceased Oliver Ivanovic because of her greed and need for domination, who won a few dozen votes in the election by promising money, fictional jobs in Kosovo institutions and positions, and at the same time she requested for Srpska Lista to take her into its ranks.

It is sad that in her statement, which, knowing her potential, she definitely did not write herself, she did not mention that at a meeting with President Vucic in Kosovska Mitrovica, she thanked him and the Serbian state for the support that both SDP and the late Ivanovic received during the period of the unlawful arrest and custody.

We wonder where this change is coming from now and in whose interest. She also forgot to mention that part of her family lives in Belgrade, and that when she speaks about future actions she confuses us all, because we do not know if she is referring to Belgrade or Kosovo and Metohija.“

On Abbot Sava Janjic:

“Today’s curses and threats to President Vucic are disgraceful, especially since they are coming from a monk and an abbot. Masks have finally fallen! It is now clearer in whose interest Sava Janjic has no qualms about desecrating the cloth he is wearing and hiding behind it, by lying and attacking President Vucic and his own country?

Janjic, Kandic, Jeremic, DSS members, Obradovic, and Trajkovic, clergy and secular NGOs, found themselves on the same side today, the fake fighters for the Holy Serbian land and true fighters and promoters of Kosovo’s independence, who were awarded for these activities in Pristina…

Their arguments are identical, and it does not differ from the one that can be heard from Pristina, but also from some of the world centers of power, the sponsors of Kosovo’s independence.

Masks have finally fallen! There is no difference between them. They are all aimed at the independence of the entire Kosovo, and for Serbia to get nothing. The common interest has merged the incompatible. In addition, Sava Janjic dared to call out the one who did most for the Serbian people and the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo and Metohija.

Srpska Lista always stood by its church, it respected it and will respect it, but not those who abuse this institution for political and other activities, in the interests and at the expense of others. There are no secret solutions, there are no staged attacks, and all the lies of Sava Janjic are slowly coming out in the open.

But there is no Sava Janjic’s apology. Instead, we get new lies that somebody supposedly got scared by his words and that he prevented some unpleasant scenes and scenarios. If it weren’t sad, it would be funny.

Sava Janjic ends today’s attacks on the President with the words: ‘We have said and saved the soul.’ You told lies again, Sava, common things, populist attitudes … And for the second part of this sentence, instead of answering, we will only quote Sava Janjic’s threat to the President from today: One does not play with God.“

On Momcilo Trajkovic:

„All those who work on tokens, including Momcilo Trajkovic, used this day to attack their own state and President. Like using a pattern, they told Trajkovic what he should say to Solakov’s and Djilas’s media, to try to create a feeling of insecurity among the citizens. In the same way as he persuaded honorable and naive Serbs in Caglavica to sell their property out of personal safety and leave Kosmet.

Fortunately, Serbs know quite well who Momcilo Trajkovic is, a failed politician whose only titles are failed and former. Trajkovic himself knows that the number of Serbs is far smaller than the one he is mentioning, among other things, because they were driven away from their homes by criminals with rifles, but also by him selling their property.

Now he talks about how some friends ask him whether they should build houses, and if they listen to him, they will share the same fate as those whose fields he sold and over which the Albanian highway runs today.“



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