Srpska Lista statement after the Bishop’s appeal against partition: Leave us to decide on our lives with President Vucic

A few hours after the warning appeal of Bishop Tedosije against the recent often-talked about partition of Kosovo, or the exchange of territories as the advocated solutions from Belgrade, the leadership of Srpska Lista communicated with several Belgrade-based TV studios on Thursday. In their prime time news, they tried to convey a one voice messages against „Pristina’s gratefulness to Vuk Jeremic“, „Vucic portrayed as Satan and the Devil by Kosovo media“, „Operation Storm“; they also spoke about a compromise solution for Kosovo, and alleged a 4-5 hour meeting with Aleksandar Vucic.

Srpska Lista chief Goran Rakic and his Vice Presidents – Milan Radoicic, Igor Simic, Dalibor Jevtic, Nenad Rikalo and Zubin Potok Mayor Stevan Vulovic, talked to Kosovo Office Head Marko Djuric on Thursday in Belgrade. According to the Kosovo Office news release afterwards, the group stayed for a more than 4 hour long meeting with the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic himself.

Not much was released after the unannounced meeting with the President, even not a photograph but more details could be heard from four out of the 6 member group of Srpska Lista that visited Belgrade who spoke to several TV news studios in a rather one-tune voice.

Without mentioning the name, Kosovo mayor Goran Rakic criticised Bishop Teodosije and his appeal against the partition.

„…As if partition is a bad solution, as if demarcation is a bad solution…and those appeals are written by those with both Kosovo and Serbian ID cards, but it would not surprise me even if they are the holders of Kosovo independence sponsor countries’ IDs,“ said Rakic with RTS.

„Let us live down there with our families and decide on our lives together with our homeland and President Vucic,“ he emphasised.

„When we open newspapers from Pristina, we can read that Vucic is the devil, that Vucic is Satan, unfortunately. I want to convey the message clear, that 80 percent of Serbs gave their voice to President Aleksandar Vucic,“ this high-ranking Kosovo official added.

Dalibor Jevtic also spoke of Vucic allegedly presented as the devil and Satan in Kosovo press but on another Belgrade-based studio:

„For Albanians in Kosovo President Vucic is Satan and the devil, in the worst possible form and the worst possible words, they talk about Vucic. On the other hand, they praise the hero Vuk Jeremic, thanking him for what he did.“

And this is how the Kosovo Minister for Communities and Return speaks of Bishop Teodosije:

„Again with all due respect, I truly love and respect the Bishop, but this is not a moment in which one should comment on what we are not sufficiently familiar with perhaps. You know, there is a dialogue going on, at the moment when a final solution or a solution that will contribute to lasting peace is to be brought forth… to make some kind of judgments about what may not be talked about or discussed… So if you do not know something, do not even comment on it.“

The Minister in the Kosovo government repeated it asking for the understanding of President Vucic.

Another Srpska Lista Vice-President Igor Simic also praised President Vucic on a third Belgrade-based studio emphasising that Vucic himself and his „clear message“ to Kosovo Albanians and international community is a sufficient guarantee that „Operation Storm will not take place“.

„The state authorities of Serbia will not peacefully watch the torturing of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija,“ the Kosovo MP said. He also raised criticism against Serbian opposition.

Milan Radoicic and Stevan Vulovic are the only two who have not spoken to Serb media yesterday.

„So it is not the right situation to simply come out at this time with any comments of that kind, and that is why it is very important to understand, I repeat, with due respect – to understand the moment in which our negotiating team is currently placed, President Vucic personally and if somebody says that the goal is lasting peace, sustainable peace, let’s see what it is and what is the solution that will bring lasting, sustainable peace,“ added Jevtic, stating that „we all need to be in agreement on what is our ultimate interest.“

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