Serb novelist and journalist from central Kosovo: The consequences of a disagreement between church and state would be a disaster

Pećka Patrijaršija Kim
Patriarchate Monastery/Photo:Kim

„During the last few decades, every warning sent at crucial moments by the Serbian Orthodox Church to the states of Yugoslavia and Serbia has proved to be true, and every time a disagreement between the church and the state occurred, the consequences were catastrophic,“ said Serbian novelist and journalist from Gracanica – Zivojin Rakocevic.

Bishop Teodosije: Holy Kosovo Land is undividedable

The Bishop of Raska-Prizren Eparchy Teodosije served „Moleban“ (Prayer) in the church of St. Demetrius in North Mitrovica. Kosovo Serb believers are invited to pray for their survival in togetherness throughout Kosovo’s monasteries and churches.

„We are passing through difficult and uncertain times, but our people have always been courageous and will not hesitate to stay undivided even now, said the Bishop. He called for the unity, faith, „courage for itself“ and „respect and defend others“, sending messages against the partition of Kosovo.

Sava Janjic: Aggression stems from fear and insecurity

For a few days in a row, Serbian high-ranking state representatives and representatives of Srpska Lista have been sending alert messages on the activities of alleged „foreign espionage“. „Certain political and religious representatives participated in these espionage activities“ they claim.

The Abbot of Visoki Decani monastery, Sava Janjic made a comment:

„To Accuse the church representatives of ‘espionage activities’ who are trying to preserve their faithful people and sanctities through appealing for the peace, wisdom and integrity of Serbia, during a time of a media blackout – overwhelmingly reminds us of the not so distant, similar and recognizable ‘manuscript’ (of the past). Does anyone think that the Serbian people are so befuddled that they do not see anything? At this moment, the voice of my dear late friend Oliver Ivanovic would be important for all of us, but perhaps his truthfulness and courage are the reason why he is not with us now. Let’s not forget, aggressiveness stems from fear and insecurity. „

Rakocevic believes that warnings, appeals and suggestions sent by the Serbian Orthodox Church should be seriously considered and accepted to the greatest possible extent because the experience of the church is above the deeply deteriorated institutions.

„Let’s recall the dramatic warnings of 1998 and the terrible attacks on the church. It is unnecessary to recall what happened after that. The church survived with its people, and the state was forced to withdraw. Unlike Croatia, for example, where the Serbs were left with nothing, our people in Kosovo and Metohija could find refuge, more than anywhere else, in the Serbian Orthodox Church. It is possible that we have survived due to the fact that we could take refuge in the safety of Gracanica, Patriarchate or Decani,“ said Rakocevic, with RTV Kim, adding:

„If the church sought and found, in the most difficult moments, some kind of way for our lives to continue, it has the right to participate in every solution and in solving the issue of Kosovo and Metohija. It is to only one who remembers, in detail, every good and every evil that they have ever done to each other, both Serbs and Albanians, therefore, it can understand and based on the centuries-long experience of its sanctities say what is good and what will happen tomorrow. We should listen to that voice.“

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