A car belonging to officer with the border police was set on fire in N.Mitrovica

Foto: KoSSev

A red Dacia Sandero vehicle with Belgrade license plates was set on fire last night in North Mitrovica, KP confirmed for KoSSev.

The police were notified that a car was on fire near the building known as „Vampiruša“ in North Mitrovica around 5:30 this morning.

The police suspect that it is a case of arson, Veton Elshani, deputy commander of the KP for the region north, told KoSSev.

„We suspect that someone set fire to the car. The motive and suspects are not known for now,“ he said.

According to KoSSev’s findings, the owner of the car is an ethnic Serb, Ž.K, and a member of the Kosovo Border Police.

Foto: KoSSev

With the exception of a case of bomb-throwing and setting fire to a bar in Zvečan earlier this month, as well as at least one torched car during the October 2021 riots in the north, at least 84 vehicles have been set on fire since 2014 in Serb-inhabited areas, primarily in the north.

The last case of arson occurred on March 17 in Leposavic, and February 29 in Zvečan.

At the beginning of February, another car was set on fire in Zvečan. At the end of January, a vehicle owned by the president of the Leposavic municipal assembly was partially torched, and in the middle of February last year, a car belonging to the municipal vice president, an ethnic Serb woman, D.M., was set on fire in the same place.

On the other hand, the last series of car arson in the north took place in April of last year, when more than 10 passenger vehicles were torched in a week.

List of torched cars you can see HERE

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