Vehicle torched in Leposavic last night

Zapaljen auto Leposavić
FOTO: Kosovska policija

A car owned by an ethnic Serb woman (V.R.) was set on fire last night in the municipality of Leposavic. Two other vehicles that were parked nearby were also damaged. The motive is still unknown. According to unofficial information obtained by KoSSev, the owner of the torched car is the former head of the municipal administration under the Serbian system.

Around 4 o’clock tonight, the police received a report that a white Toyota vehicle, registered with Raska license plates, had been set on fire in Leposavic, it was confirmed for KoSSev.

When the police arrived on the scene, together with the Fire Department, they observed that two more vehicles were damaged in the fire – one of them with Kraljevo license plates.

The police confirmed that the torched vehicle belongs to V.R, while KoSSev unofficially learned that the owner is the former head of the municipal administration under the Serbian system.

The deputy commander of the KP for the region north, Veton Elshani, could not confirm this information. He did reveal that she did not hold a position in the Kosovo system.

The motive is still unknown to the police and the owner.

An investigation has been launched, and the case is currently characterized as „arson“.

With the exception of a bomb-throwing case, as well as at least one torched car during the October 2021 riots in the north, at least 82 vehicles have been set on fire since 2014 in Serb-inhabited areas, primarily in the north.

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