Arrest warrant issued for Milan Radoicic, suspected involvement in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic

The Special Prosecution requested from the Basic Court in Pristina to issue an order for the arrest of Milan Radoicic, who is suspected of involvement in the murder of Serbian politician, Oliver Ivanovic.

The prosecutor Syle Hoxha confirmed that an order for the arrest of the Vice-President of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic was issued at his request at the beginning of the week, Gazeta Express reported. Hoxha said that “it is also expected that an international warrant will be issued within a few days”.

Radoicic, who is considered to be “the most powerful man in the North” and “the main suspect in Ivanovic’s case,” was the target of an operation carried out by the Kosovo Special Forces in the early morning of 23rd November, Gazeta Express writes. He, however, escaped and the police then arrested three people, Marko Rosic, Kosovo police members, Nedeljko Spasojevic and Dragisa Mirkovic, who are now being held in detention.

A few days earlier, prosecutor Hoxha told T7 that all the evidence of the Special Prosecutor’s Office indicates that Radoicic participated in Ivanovic’s murder – Gazeta Express reported.

Oliver Ivanovic was one of the most prominent Serbian politicians from Kosovo. He was killed on January 16th last year, in the morning, in front of the premises of the office where he worked for nearly two decades. The killers and the instigators remain unknown to date. Belgrade and Pristina are conducting two separate investigations.

KoSSev: In the meantime, the same news was reported by the Belgrade media, while Prosecutor Syle Hoxha confirmed the existence of an arrest warrant for Insajder. Hoxha also told Insajder that Radoicic will be arrested only if he comes to Kosovo.

„That’s how it is for now. A warrant has been issued for Radoicic, it is a matter for the police in Serbia whether it will act on the warrant. Kosovo police searched Mitrovica and found that Radoicic was not there,“ Hoxha told Insajder.

Only a few days after the unsuccessful arrest attempt, Milan Radoicic led a group of approximately 30 Kosovo Serb ministers, mayors, the head of the Hospital Center, the head of the Health Center and deputies of the Kosovo parliament in a meeting with the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade.

Serbia’s highest officials, along with Srpska Lista, have been defending Milan Radoicic since the very beginning. They claim that he is not responsible for the murder of Ivanovic, referring to the results of a polygraph test he passed in Belgrade. These claims were reiterated by Radoicic. He and Vucic also emphasized that the Pristina police units had intended to liquidate him.

Oliver Ivanovic had been in conflict with Milan Radoicic since 2000, Aleksandar Vucic previously explained, while Ivanovic’s wife Milena Popovic stated that Oliver Ivanovic and Milan Radoicic „never met“, but that they were „political opponents“.

Recall some of the statements in favor of the defense of the top official of Srpska Lista:

Milan Radoicic: „I will not surrender to them because I do not want to be used like a stuffed doll to show those who are leading a special war against Serbia and the Serbian people or like an instrument to cover up someone’s abominable and criminal attack on one of Serbia’s political leaders, Oliver Ivanovic, especially because they did not come to take me away alive. I was not Oliver Ivanovic’s closest friend, but I’m not a killer and I had nothing to do with the murder.“

Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic: “Milan Radoicic is not Oliver’s killer and he was always the first to defend North Mitrovica. Special Kosovo police units were intent on killing him in an arrest operation on Thursday morning in order to assign blame for the murder of Oliver Ivanovic on official Belgrade.” „We learned that Milan Radoicic, this notorious killer, did not kill Oliver Ivanovic, and the Serbian police can say this with complete certainty from today … Milan Radoicic wanted to take the polygraph test, he passed the polygraph. I’m not going to talk about other things … (Radoicic) passed, for the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. Not only did he not kill him, he also did not participate in the organization, logistics, aiding, inciting.“

Minister of Justice, Nela Kuburovic: „Radoicic was interrogated yesterday in order to remove any suspicion that he participated in the murder.“

Oliver Ivanovic’s wife, Milena Popovic: „Milan Radoicic is a man who is a kind of power in the north of Kosovo. Oliver always said that he represented the parallel structure of power in Kosovo and Oliver and he were political opponents. I have my opinion and attitude towards him, but that does not mean that I think he may be responsible for Oliver’s murder.“

Head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric: „Polygraph testing is not court evidence, but polygraph testing is something that explicitly says whether someone is guilty of something or not, and Milan Radoicic has passed the polygraph, suggesting that he is not guilty of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.“

A Vice-President of Srpska Lista, Igor Simic replying to a journalist’s question about his colleague: „Just do not change the subject from taxes, please! The lives of 100,000 Serbs are endangered!“
The head of Hospital Center, Milan Ivanovic: „No one from the north killed Oliver.“

The head of the Student Center in North Mitrovica, Jovo Popovic during a protest: Milan Radoicic is „the force of resistance and freedom in this region“. „We should never forget the arrested and beaten fellow citizens.“



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