Djuric from North Mitrovica: Srpska Lista the defense fortification to our people, Rakic, Jevtic, Simic spoke

Djuric to mayors: Be happy that fate has assigned you to carry such a role and such a heavy burden. Do not think it’s the hardest thing that a Serb could bear on his shoulders

The Srpska Lista has become the defense fortification to our people in Kosovo and Metohija, said the director of the Kosovo Office of the Serbian Government, Marko Djuric, today in North Mitrovica.

At the one year jubilee event of the Srpska Lista, he claims that this party of Kosovo Serbs „enjoys the trust and love of the whole of Serbia“.

„It (Srpska lista) is as solid as a rock for the upcoming decision-making time that will set our future,“ Đurić emphasized.

The time ahead of us is extremely difficult. All of Serbia will face tremendous pressure over the Kosovo issue, acknowledged Djuric further.

He proposed a „fundamental review“ of the work performance of all Serbian local self-government in Kosovo, but specified no further details.

„You Mayors do not deal with communal issues, but with an every day fight for the survival of Serbian people. Be happy for the fate that has been given to you to carry such a role and such a heavy burden. Do not think that this is the hardest thing that a Serb could bear on his shoulders,“ Djuric told Srpska Lista, reminding them to remember their fathers and grandfathers who were carrying „the cross and responsibility“ also.

Finally, Djuric warned of „many attempts“ to weaken Srpska Lista, to cause „splits and conflicts“ within this party, to „strengthen its enemies and opponents“. Srpska Lista, thus, „should recognize such dangers and challenges among itself“ and that it has „to prevent it at the very root.“

„None of our opponents are happy that we have come together as Srpska Lista,“ said the Serbian official.

Jevtic: It is incomprehensible that someone as a parent decides to send a child to a secondary school anywhere outside of Kosovo

„Stay here, we will be here to help you as your political representatives, as your fellow countrymen and neighbours. Your survival will be the strongest blow to those struggling for us to remain here in fewer numbers,“ was the message of  the resigning Minister in the Kosovo government Dalibor Jevtic.

He accompanied Goran Rakic in calling on people to keep their children in Kosovo:

„President Rakic ​​has pointed out one very important thing – it is incomprehensible that someone as a parent decides to send a child to be educated anywhere outside of KiM, and that is secondary school education,“ Jevtic pointed out.

He claimed that Serbian schools in Kosovo to be of sufficient quality but he also said that he would be expecting  „different comments“ to what he said.

The Srpska Lista will deal with other important issues as well. He personally will reinforce his diplomacy towards the international community, in particular to those, as he said, „who were silent about all the attacks that affected our compatriots.“

Jevtic has like all other speakers today also reiterated that the Srpska Lista enjoyed the „full support of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the President Aleksandar Vucic“.

He particularly criticised the alleged statement of the head of the EU office in Kosovo, Natalya Apostolova.

By saying what takes place today (incidents) is tit for tat, her message was, thus, „harmful“ and it had justified the attacks, explained Jevtic adding:

„It’s dangerous, and maybe that statement was a hasty one, it may have been careless, but it’s certainly harmful and that harmfulness is felt by those of us who are  living in this area,“ he concluded.

Rakic: We saved people, we did not push people in front of us

„We have managed to preserve our institutions and we are launching projects that will improve the lives of our citizens. We have shown that we are ready, unlike some of the earlier parties, to stand in front of our people, not to push the people in front of us,“ said the head of Srpska Lista and Kosovo mayor of North Mitrovica, Goran Rakic, optimistically.

In his opening speech to the ceremony, he spoke about, what he believes is the greatest success of this party: winning the two elections,  economic development, youth employment, and successful mayors.

Rakic conveyed two messages to the north Kosovo citizens:

„Urge people not to join Kosovo security forces, because this formation is not in the interest of neither our state nor our people.“

The second one was a call to parents and young people not to continue their education in central Serbia:

„We need to give an example to our fellow citizens, not to enroll our children in faculties (in central Serbia). Unfortunately, we have cases where our citizens enroll their children even  in secondary schools in central Serbia. We want to give an example, because we want to stay here and we want to be in this region.“

Rakic also claimed that not a single move „will be pulled without consultation with our country“ while Serbian MPs face great pressure from Albanians and international representatives.

Simic: Srpska Lista faces major problems and obstructions. Problems often come from Kosovo institutions and foreign elements

„We decided to talk to everyone, to be exposed first in front of our citizens, to suffer the attacks, which was also experienced by President Rakic ​​and Djuric on March 26th. It’s better for it to be us rather than our people (to be exposed) – that’s our principle. That is what distinguishes us from other political parties who served the interests of some embassies, not their own people,“ said the Srpska Lista spokesman Igor Simic.

For this MP of the Kosovo Parliament there is no greater „honor and responsibility“ than „serving“ his country and his people.

„We were honored to be the first among equals to fight for Serbian interests within the institutions of self-government in Pristina, both for the peace and security of those who live in this region, but also wider,“ he added.

Srpska Lista, in his explanation, „had opened its door“ for „good-intentioned“ people even before it became a party – to all those who want to „share great responsibility and improve the position of our people“.

„We are still open,“ he added.

He also recalls that the number of attacks on Serbs is getting higher.

One does not choose who is to be attacked, this is how it was explained by the parliamentary official, adding that „babies are attacked and those who did not cause it.“

Also Srpska Lista faces major problems and obstructions, stressed Simic.

„Often these problems come from the representatives of the provisional institutions of self-government in Pristina, but also from foreign elements,“ he added.

Srpska Lista have previously requested consultations with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic after the Kosovo team withdrew from participation in the next round of the Brussel’s dialogue, and then repeated the call for the „utmost urgent consultations“ after the Kosovo parliament adopted a resolution on custom unification between Kosovo and Albania.

Today’s meeting, Srpska Lista officials, alongside those of the Serbian Government, was held in the amphitheatre of the Technical Faculty.

In the same premises, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic urgently met with Serbs in January after the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.

The Srpska Lista is a coalition partner in the government of Ramush Haradinaj. After the arrest of Marko Djuric in North Mitrovica in late in March, they declared themselves as a party „in resignation“.



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