Vucic: I would rather lose my head than give up Serbia, the seizure of Kosovo is the end of everything

How will I explain to my people that Kosovo had the right to self-determination, which it did not express even through a valid referendum? – reads the question the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic often asks European officials during the Brussels talks. How come Serbs in the region do not have the same right? – Vucic also wonders. However, the only answer he receives is them “staring like a stuck pig,” the President of Serbia revealed in an interview for TV Prva late last night.

Vucic said that he has the same look on his face when the Serbian member of the Presidency of BiH, Milorad Dodik, who openly advocates the secession of the Republika Srpska, sends him the same request.

Let it go, let’s grow economically – reads Vucic’s reply to Dodik.

In a guest appearance on Prva TV last night, the Serbian president revealed that Serbia is committed that no border change takes place. Others aren’t committed to this, he warned, noting that they first changed the borders of Yugoslavia, then Serbia’s borders as well – by force. But now when it comes to Kosovo, they say that there will be no change of borders, he added.

„Whenever you see someone who is in favor of changing the borders, someone who persistently insists on it, know that these people are notorious crooks who want to destroy Serbia at any cost,“ Vucic said.

Attacked Serbs in Kosovo in 2004, anticipating the Storm operation, when Serbs did not flee, decided to proclaim independence in 2008

„These people changed the borders of Serbia and Yugoslavia – in ’90, ’91, ’92. Then they attacked Serbia, killed our children, destroyed our bridges and our villages and towns. Then they said they did so because of a humanitarian catastrophe. We could say – well, we, the Serbs, have done all kinds of things – we could get over it, although it is not easy to get over it, then in 2004, they attacked the Serbs in Kosovo, expecting a Storm (operation) to happen again. Then in 2008, since the Serbs did not flee Kosovo, they decided to declare Kosovo’s independence. So, in 2008, they made a decision contrary to the UN, the UN General Assembly. You changed the borders of a sovereign country, at least the 90 to 95 countries that have recognized Kosovo did so. So when did it cross your mind to respect the principle of inviolability of borders?“

Several times during the interview, the president highlighted the pressure and double standards of international representatives toward him and Serbia when the issue of Kosovo is discussed.

Ahead of the upcoming Brdo-Brioni summit, Vucic said that the leaders from the region sent him a set of proposals that read that they all should oppose the change of borders – to which Vucic added „a small amendment.“

„And I said yes (cf. to the proposals), but only if they are in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and with the decisions of any UN body and organs.“

He also declared that his amendment will not be accepted, emphasizing that the proposals cannot be adopted without Serbia.

The Serbian president said that he is proud of the fact that he withstood pressures in Washington, including the pressure to recognize Kosovo. He underlined that he would rather lose his head than give up Serbia.

While alleging that many want to bring him down, he further claims that the tycoons have invested one billion and three hundred million euros to bring him down. „The money is coming from the US embassy,“ he explained.

Commenting on the Israeli ambassador to Serbia, Yahel Vilan’s recent statement that Serbia reportedly took part, along with Kosovo, in Israel’s recognition of Kosovo, Vucic declared that this is not true.

He stressed that the document he signed in Washington makes no mention of the recognition of Kosovo by Israel as he, in his words, did not allow such a provision to be included in the version of the agreement that Serbia signed.

Addressing the point of the agreement that obliges Serbia to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Vucic said:

Vučić TV Prva
FOTO: Printscreen/TV Prva

„I told Netanyahu, look Bibi, you have two offers from America, one is supported by the Americans – for you to recognize Kosovo and move your embassy to Jerusalem. The second is ours – that you do not recognize Kosovo. In that case, we are moving our embassy to Jerusalem.“

The president, however, refused to answer the question as to whether Serbia will move the embassy to Jerusalem – the deadline for which expires in July.

Speaking of his Thursday announcement that a great power will allegedly demand the withdrawal of KFOR and UNMIK from Kosovo, he reiterated that this is „frightening information“.

For KFOR and UNMIK to pull out, a consensus of the governments of the countries participating in this NATO mission is required, i.e. a change in the UN Security Council resolution 1244. At the regular meetings of the UN Security Council, when UNMIK chief’s report on Kosovo is reviewed, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States regularly highlight the request for UNMIK’s withdrawal.

One of the two greatest powers demands this, he said, without specifying which one.

He said that he revealed this “official information” because he wanted to prevent this.



„You have two options, for KFOR and UNMIK to withdraw, and Bondsteel to remain as an American base, and the other is that there is no American base, and for KFOR and UNMIK to pull out. That would mean that the Kosovo army would occupy the borders with central Serbia, which makes it clear as to what would happen,“ he alerted.

Serbia can only count on itself because there are no friendships in international relations, says Vucic.

The president also announced that he would be discussing these topics with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg next week.



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