Srpska Lista MPs will stay overnight in the Kosovo Assembly, as long as it takes until the arrival of Johannes Hahn

Goran Rakić
Foto: KoSSev

„Today, the administration of local self-government from the Pristina system ceased to exist in the North,“ the chief of Srpska Lista, Goran Rakic said five days ago. During an extraordinary press conference held today however, Rakic said that „Srpska Lista MPs have entered the assembly in Pristina, where they will stay until the arrival of Commissioner Hahn“.

The four mayors of Serb majority municipalities in the north and members of Srpska Lista resigned last week, including their chief – Goran Rakic. „After six years, I am extremely happy because I was carrying a burden of shame called – the mayor of Kosovo institutions. I’m beyond happy about that,“ the former Mayor of Zubin Potok, Stevan Vulovic said at that time. In an interview for the Politika daily newspaper, Vulovic said that he worked in agreement with Belgrade on taking down the (Kosovo) system. He furthermore claimed that he “shut down all Kosovo institutions” in Zubin Potok.

Goran Rakic conveyed a slightly different message from the members of his party today. He said that Srpska Lista MPs have entered the assembly in Pristina, where they will stay until the arrival of Commissioner Hahn.

„Legitimate political representatives of the Serbian people will inform Commissioner Hahn and Europe of the anti-Serbian moves that are leading toward a humanitarian catastrophe, directed against the Serbian people,“ Rakic said.

„Our political representatives are in Pristina today and they will fight, legitimately, democratically, they will fight to ensure that our children have the right to live, the right to food, the right to a future,“ he added.

They will send that message to Hahn and they will not leave the Assembly hall in Pristina until they meet with him

„On behalf of the Serbian people“, Rakic offered his support to the MPs, while also claiming that all Serbian people are supporting them.

„All Serbian people are and will support our MPs who are fighting for our future, and this fight, their democratic, peaceful and legitimate fight, means a lot to us. Therefore, the message that comes from Pristina from our deputies is that they will stay there until they meet with the European Commissioner, to whom they will repeat and present the anti-Serb moves of Pristina directed against the entire Serbian people. All Serbian people are with you now, and I use this opportunity to tell them that we are with them and that they should persevere in that fight because that fight means a lot to us,“ Rakic said.

Srpska Lista MP, Srdjan Mitrovic confirmed for KoSSev that Srpska Lista MPs did not have a scheduled meeting with Johannes Hahn. This is the reasons for them to stay in the Assembly in an attempt to meet with him. „We will stay there as long as we need to in order to talk to him, and request that customs duties (of 100%) are abolished,“ Mitrovic said. He also denied previous allegations that he was not present in the Assembly with his other colleagues.

European Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn will visit Belgrade tomorrow morning, where he will meet with Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic. Hahn will also visit Pristina. The Commissioner’s visit arrives in the midst of the latest tensions following the 100% import tax increase on products from Serbia.

Srpska Lista is a coalition partner in the government led by Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj, which was formed last year with the support of Srpska Lista. After special Kosovo police units arrested the head of Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric in North Mitrovica and dragged him handcuffed through the Pristina streets, Srpska Lista officially announced that it had frozen its participation in the Government of Kosovo. Since then, they have been regularly seen performing their duties in government offices. They, however, claim they are acting as the opposition. The Government of Ramush Haradinaj has not been demolished.

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