Milan Ivanovic: Release our arrested brothers for the murder that their criminals have committed

Protest KM
Foto: KoSSev

A protest was held in front of the North Mitrovica Hospital Centre today. Numerous medical workers, the former Kosovo Mayors, and legends of Serbian football – Dragan Dzajic, Mitar Mrkela, and the director of Crvena Zvezda, Zvezdan Terzic protested against the introduction of a 100% tax on all products from Serbia. The head of this Hospital Center, Milan Ivanovic addressed the public. At the end of his speech, he explained that the consent to import oxygen was requested on November 2nd and that it had not yet been obtained.

Below we publish parts of Ivanovic’s speech:

„The basic demand is for them to release our arrested brothers for the murder that their criminals have committed, to leave our politicians alone and those with whom they are disturbed by the most. They are bothered by my namesake because they know that he will be the first in line, that he will be at the frontline, let them release our Cure and our Markovic and all the others who were arrested and to release them immediately, and we urge the state to consider all other measures.“

„The Albanians are enforcing ethnic terror –they are killing, removing organs, burning, and kidnapping,“ said Ivanovic, adding:

„Only now, terror is continuing in a new way. Now they remembered economic violence. Now they are trying to finish ethnic cleansing with starvation, endangering the existence of Serbs and creating these, as they say, ethnically false pure states, in order to form a Greater Albania in the second phase.“

„The economic pressures are combined with the arrests of Serbs, with the arrest of mothers, mothers of six children, the arrest of Oliver Ivanovic’s female friends and false allegations that they and our political representatives killed Oliver Ivanovic,“ Ivanovic said.

What kind of quasi-state is this? They are not allowing food, they want to starve us, kill us, basically – he warned.

“They want us to write the Republic of Kosovo on these medicines, well, if we write the Republic of Kosovo and give the medicine to the patients, given that it is a quasi-state, given that it is a rotten state, we will poison our patients,” Ivanovic underlined.

He also explained that Kosovo armed formations are being „trained in Bondsteel“ and working with „their Western friends, who are creating this area of organized crime“.

„Let’s go peacefully, let’s go democratically, let’s go in a civilized manner. We in the hospital know exactly how this is done here! Have we not held such protests here for 100 days?! There were 400 Shiptars here. They brought hairdressers to work as nurses, brought the KLA (members) to work as doctors and tried to drive us out! Of course, they went after a hundred days, they wanted to come back, but we did not allow it! We kept setting blockades for another 100 days, with pressure of the international community for them to return,“ Ivanovic said.

He warned that the Serbs should not fall for such provocations, the methods of Markale and the Racak method or other scenarios, he added.

„We have the full support of our state, it will not allow a pogrom, for the red lines to be our freedom, for no one to be left hungry… What gives rise to optimism, what gives rise to hope, we have full support and full assistance of our country, unlike in some other periods.“

Protest KM
Foto: KoSSev
Protest KM
Foto: KoSSev

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