Stevan Vulovic: I always worked on taking down the (Kosovo) system

Stevan Vulović Zubin Potok

A member of the Srpska Lista presidency, Stevan Vulovic said that in the past five years of working as the President of the Provisional Authority of Zubin Potok municipality and the Mayor of Zubin Potok within the Kosovo system he „shut down all Kosovo institutions“ and that all local institutions in that municipality are „operating according to the system of the Republic of Serbia“.

In an interview for the Politika daily newspaper, Vulovic said that he worked in agreement with Belgrade while working as the President of Zubin Potok municipality within the Kosovo system.

Vulovic claimed that he „always worked on taking down the (Kosovo) system“ and that he is „proud of it“.

When asked by the journalists whether this means that the Association of Serb Municipalities was formed in the north, he said that they „are 100% working in the system of the Republic of Serbia“, adding that he is not interested in „what it will be called“.

There are no problems with supply in Zubin Potok for now, he also said, emphasizing that prices have not changed and that, „as much as Pristina institutions are trying to close the roads“ – they „will open alternative ones.“

After resigning as Mayor of the municipality of Zubin Potok on Tuesday, Stevan Vulovic stated that by doing so, he removed the „burden of shame“.

„After six years, I am extremely happy because I was carrying a burden of shame called- the Mayor of a Kosovo institution. I’m beyond happy about that. For five years, we have suffered various types of torture from the international community and provisional institutions. Everything has its end. I am pleased that this is the end,“ he said.

Srpska Lista also warned about the impending “humanitarian catastrophe” in Kosovo caused by an increase of import taxes to 100% on all products from Serbia.

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