Hoti and Ramosaj: Works in the protective zone are suspended until a solution is found

Hoti Ramosaj
FOTO: Kosovska vlada

The works on the Decani-Plav road in the protective zone of the Visoki Decani monastery are suspended until all parties agree on a solution, the Kosovo government announced today after a meeting between Kosovo Prime Minister, Avdullah Hoti and Decani Mayor, Bashkim Ramosaj.

In the midst of tensions over the construction of the Decani-Plav road in the protective zone of the Visoki Decani monastery, Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti met with Decani Mayor Bashkim Ramosaj.

„The Government of the Republic of Kosovo is committed to supporting the municipality in the implementation of their development projects,“ Hoti said during today’s meeting with Ramosaj, the Kosovo government wrote in a statement.

Hoti once again underlined the importance of the Decani-Plav road that connects Kosovo with Montenegro.

He said that the importance of this road for the economy and quality of life of the locals of the municipality of Decani must be taken into account, adding that the laws in force adopted by the Kosovo Assembly must also be respected.

The works in the protective zone of the Visoki Decani monastery will be suspended until a final solution is found.

„In order to find a solution to which all parties involved in this issue would agree to, Prime Minister Hoti and Mayor Ramosaj agreed to suspend works on the P108 road – section of which passes through a protective zone near the Decani monastery,“ the government said in a statement.

The Diocese of Raska and Prizren announced last Thursday that, despite the ban on the construction of highways and transit roads through special protective zones in Kosovo, works continued on the highway Decani-Plav near the monastery Visoki Decani.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Avdullah Hoti reacted during the weekend, requesting the suspension of construction. The next day, the mayor of Decani, Bashkim Ramosaj demanded a solution from Hoti. Ramosaj also sent a letter to the Kosovo president and the Assembly Speaker, in which he presented his view of the issues and solutions to the dispute between the municipality of Decani and the monastery.

At the beginning of this week, Ramosaj also announced that the works have continued, and that there will be no suspension.

An adviser to the Kosovo prime minister, Xhavit Beqiri also spoke out, telling Ramosaj that continuing the construction was a violation of the Kosovo government’s decision.

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