Italian KFOR soldiers take guard duty over the monastery of Visoki Decani again

FOTO: KFOR/Fejsbuk

Italian Soldiers of KFOR Regional Command West relieved their Moldovan comrades at guard posts located inside the Special Protection Zone of Decani, KFOR announced on its official Facebook page today.

KFOR’s announcement comes amid tensions over the construction of the Decane-Plav road, and only a day after Decani Mayor, Bashkim Ramosaj proposed in a letter sent to the government that KFOR – which currently guards and monitors the Visoki Decani monastery – should be replaced by Kosovo police.

KFOR pointed out that this mission, which is under NATO’s leadership, holds the primary duty for the protection of the monastery of Visoki Decani.

Visoki Decani has been under UNESCO protection since 2005 and under KFOR protection since ’99. The monastery was the target of four armed attacks – two mortar attacks in 2000 and 2004, a hand grenade rocket attack in 2007, as well as several terrorist attack attempts.

Ever since ’99, the monastery has maintained particularly friendly relations with Italian KFOR members guarding the monastery, as well as with officials and intellectuals from this country. It is not uncommon for KFOR soldiers to convert to the Orthodox faith in Visoki Decani.

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