Criminal charges filed against Vucic over Racak statement

Tom Gaši
FOTO: Gracanicaonline

Lawyer Tom Gashi, the former legal counsel of the families of victims in the Racak case, has filed criminal charges at the Special Prosecutor’s Office in Pristina against Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic over the statement he made yesterday that “Racak was fabricated,” Kosovo media reported today.

The criminal charges reads that the Serbian president „intentionally incited and publicly spread hatred, disruption and intolerance between ethnic groups – Serbs and Albanians living in Kosovo by denying the Racak massacre“ and by providing support to the former minister, and new Srpska Lista MP, Ivan Todosijevic, who was convicted yesterday over a similar statement.

According to the criminal complaint, by making this statement, Vucic committed the crime of inciting national, racial, religious hatred, unrest or intolerance.

The former Kosovo Minister of Local Government Administration, Ivan Todosijevic was sentenced to 2 years in prison at the Basic Court in Pristina yesterday over a statement he made on the 20th anniversary of the NATO bombing at a ceremony in Zvecan, describing the Racak case as “fabricated.”

The representatives of Srpska Lista presented their support to Todosijevic. They also said that all Serbs would leave Kosovo’s institutions if such a ruling is upheld by the Court of Appeals.

However, Kosovo officials’ reactions were “provoked” by Belgrade’s reaction to this ruling, precisely, by a statement made by Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic.

„A fabricated crime in Racak where everything was fabricated by that thief and a fraud and a crook, Walker,“ Vucic said yesterday.

Vucic’s statement was harshly condemned by top Kosovo officials.

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