Vlajic: Pristina Court recycled a verbal offense from the undemocratic SFRY

The former Kosovo Minister of Local Government Administration, Ivan Todosijevic was sentenced to 2 years in prison in the Basic Court in Pristina today for „inciting national, racial, religious hatred, restlessness or intolerance,” Todosijevic’s lawyer, Nebojsa Vlajic confirmed for KoSSev.

„The Criminal Defense Division of the Basic Court in Pristina recycled a long-forgotten crime today – a verbal offense under Article 133 of the SFRY Criminal Code – an undemocratic state, and even there such a judgment could not have been rendered and even there such things did not happen. He was sentenced to two years in prison for what he said. This speaks enough of the state of human rights and freedoms and democracy, especially in relation to minorities in Kosovo, that one is simply not allowed to say something that the authorities do not like or that someone does not like. This means that anyone of us who says something similar – can face the same fate, which is terrifying. Living in such a society is terrifying. What Ivan Todosijevic said is not a criminal offense and it is not punishable anywhere and should not be punishable and many people have said the same thing a thousand times before, but only Ivan Todosijevic has been punished. Indeed, a sentence has been imposed which the mind cannot cope with. It is hard to say that it is drastic because it would be drastic even if he only got five days, because it is simply illegal and unfair,” said Ivan Todosijevic’s lawyer, Nebojsa Vlajic.

The defense will be filing an appeal, he said, adding that he cannot predict what the Court of Appeals will decide.

„I cannot know what the Court of Appeals will decide, but it is simply impossible for such a verdict to remain in force because this verdict is the negation of the very idea of law and justice,“ Vlajic concluded.

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