Vlajic: Todosijevic sentenced to two years in prison, we’ll file an appeal

Izricanje presude Todosijeviću
Foto: Gazeta Express

The former Kosovo Minister of Local Government Administration, Ivan Todosijevic was sentenced to 2 years in prison in Basic Court in Pristina today for „inciting national, racial, religious hatred, restlessness or intolerance,” Todosijevic’s lawyer, Nebojsa Vlajic confirmed for KoSSev.

Todosijevic’s trial began earlier this week, and a verdict was rendered today at 09:30 am.

The former Minister of Local Government Administration was convicted because of his statement on the Racak incident during a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the NATO bombing in Zvecan.

„The cause of the aggression on our country was a so-called humanitarian catastrophe in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, the fictitious Racak, and these Shiptar terrorists were the ones who invented it, who committed the biggest atrocities in Kosovo and Metohija for which no one was held responsible. They committed crimes before the NATO aggression, killed good Serbian hosts in their workplaces. They continued their murderous rampage during the aggression and even after the arrival of the so-called peacekeeping mission in Kosovo and Metohija“ – Todosijevic said at the time, after which an investigation was launched against him in early April.

The defense will be filing an appeal, Todosijevic’s defense attorney, Nebojsa Vlajic said.

„This verdict shows that human rights in Kosovo do not exist and are being massively violated by those who are supposed to be protecting them. Todosijevic received a draconian punishment for something that is not a criminal offense and we will appeal against this verdict, which is illegal. The Court of Appeal must revoke it,“ Vlajic told KoSSev.

According to the decision of the judge, Musa Konxheli, Todosijevic is also obliged to pay €50 in court expenses and an additional €50 to the Victims’ Fund. The fine must be paid 30 days after the verdict enters into force, the Pristina-based Gazeta Express reported.

At the Kosovo snap parliamentary elections held on October 6th, Todosijevic was elected as a Srpska Lista MP in the next convocation of the Assembly of Kosovo. If this judgment becomes final, Todosijevic will not be able to serve as an MP.

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