Vucic: The US wants Serbia to be humiliated; I told them what I think about it

„I told them once in the White House what I think about mutual recognition and my answer will not change,“ the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic said today after receiving a letter of congratulations from the new US president on the occasion of Statehood Day of Serbia. The letter in question underlined the need for “mutual recognition of Kosovo and Serbia.” On the other hand, Vucic alleged that he will not participate in „the humiliation of his own people and destruction of his own state,“ adding that is what “the US wants.” The President also called on Kosovo Serbs to participate in the Kosovo parliamentary elections and cast their votes for Srpska Lista.

The President of Serbia thanked the new US President, Joe Biden for his letter of congratulations on the occasion of Statehood Day of Serbia during a press conference held in Pancevo today.

Commenting on the part of the letter of congratulations referring to mutual recognition, Vucic said that this is not stated in any act, any world organization, or any resolution.

He explained that he understands that this is a „new American policy“, adding that attempts were made „to impose that phrase and term as something that we should have accepted as the final solution in Washington as well“.

„I told them once in the White House what I think about mutual recognition, and my answer will not change,“ Vucic stressed.

„It is now fully clear that it (cf. recognition) was an American idea from the beginning, that they did not want to discuss the model of the two Germanies, nor the mutual recognition of so-called governments, without the recognition of the states,“ the president added, emphasizing that this is a clear indicator that „the US wants the total humiliation of Serbia.“

In his words, his job is to protect the interests of the Republic of Serbia, while the Statehood Day of Serbia is „much more important than Albanian and American wishes,“ adding however that he has „nothing against“ them as Serbia has its own wishes.

We have different wishes, our own reality, and a libertarian tradition

The president revealed that he feels uneasy when he hears this, noting that this is an indicator that the entire US foreign policy initiative will move in that direction.

He said that even Israel was pressured for „the Albanian-American Washington agreement to be wrapped up as soon as possible,“ reminding that Israel and Kosovo had recently established diplomatic relations.

On the other hand, he alleged that the Americans „are in no hurry to rush Albanians to fulfill their obligations from the same agreement.“

He specified that it is up to Serbia to maintain peace and think rationally.

Trust me when I say that would have a lot to say to them – you would laugh at some things, jump for joy at other things I would say, but believe me that it would not bring joy to our country

According to the president, he wants to take a responsible and serious approach and react differently „than it would be expected“.

Seven days before the early parliamentary elections in Kosovo, the President also called on Kosovo Serbs to cast their votes for Srpska Lista.



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