Vucic on non-paper: Recognition of Kosovo is unacceptable, the paper may have been written by a fantastically well-versed woman

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The non-paper was not released thoughtlessly and it was written by someone who is fantastically well-versed. The recognition of Kosovo is terrible for Serbs – the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic commented on the alleged non-paper about Kosovo from Pristina. For us, independence and recognition are unacceptable, he stressed.

„That non-paper was compiled by someone very smart, someone who is much smarter than me, much more cunning,“ the Serbian president said during his media address after getting his second shot of the COVID-19 vaccine in Pukovac.

„A lot of things have been presented (cf. in the non-paper) that Serbs would like, and then one key thing, and that is the recognition of an independent Kosovo, which is terrible for Serbs. So Serbs, here are 90% and 80% of less important things, and the most important thing – you have to give to us (…) It wasn’t released thoughtlessly, that’s why I told Dr. Sladjana that I had high blood pressure because of all those non-existent papers. But we’ll see. Nobody showed us that or anything like that.“

Although remarking that the authenticity of the alleged diplomatic paper is being repeatedly brought into question, Vucic revealed that he was „more concerned about this second non-paper than the first“ precisely because its author is „very smart“ and „fantastically well-versed.“

He boasted that he knows all those who deal with Kosovo at the same level as him, which is „50 people in the world,“ revealing that he suspects one of them had written the document in question.

„She is a fantastically smart woman because I think that everything that was written, no one else could compile or do,“ the president said, without revealing the name of the person he was referring to.

He further boasted that only he, and maybe another „person from Pristina who attended all the talks,“ could find out who is behind the paper.

„I know exactly who could have connected different views, ours, theirs, etc.,“ the Serbian president added.

The Serbian side will analyze the political motives behind such a document, i.e. what kind of message is being sent to the Serbian side and what message to the Kosovan side, he added, noting that the paper must not be underestimated.

Vucic criticized what he interpreted as „reactions and views created within five seconds“.

„I’m telling you what seems unacceptable to me right away, and about other things, let’s review them so that we are not like those who immediately deem everything presented to them as unacceptable.“

The dialogue is just beginning, he concluded, confirming once again that the talks with Pristina are difficult, but also that they will not hide anything from the public.

„We want to study everything and see all those who work against the interests of the Serb people and who would like to help reach a compromise solution – if that is even possible at all.“

The Serbian President spent the last two days discussing the Kosovo issue with the top European officials in Brussels.

In the meantime, the Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti was preparing for his trip to Brussels, who departed today.

Before Kurti’s departure, however, Pristina-based Koha Ditore published, as exclusive news, the alleged German-French non-paper containing the solution to the Kosovo issue.

The denials arrived from Germany and France this morning.

The alleged document implies „independent, sovereign, equal states with their international borders“, – „according to international law“.

An “autonomous district of northern Kosovo” would be created in Kosovo in accordance with the laws and the Constitution of Kosovo. The autonomous district of Northern Kosovo would include the territory of the municipalities of Zvecan with 35 villages, Leposavic with 72 villages, North Mitrovica and the cadastral zone of the town of Zubin Potok with 63 villages.

The document also calls for a special status for the Serbian Orthodox Church. According to this document, the protected zones should include more than 40 churches and cultural sites.

Koha Ditore emphasized that it failed to get confirmation of the authenticity of this non-paper, noting „some diplomats that Koha contacted more or less confirmed that the points mentioned in it were in line with what is expected to be discussed in the dialogue.“

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