Deimel: Nobody, including Berlin officials, knows about the non-paper, perhaps it is a test balloon

Foto: VOA/ preuzeto uz dozvolu Johane Dajmel

“The alleged paper comes out of nowhere. Nobody, including Berlin officials, know about the paper,” an expert on Western Balkans and Southeastern Europe, Johanna Deimel told KoSSev.

Deimel spoke to KoSSev about last night’s exclusive news published by the Pristina-based Koha Ditore about another non-paper, this one focusing exclusively on Kosovo, which allegedly represents a joint initiative by Germany and France.

German ambassador Rohde called the paper fake news on Twitter – Deimel recalls.

“It could be that this alleged German-French paper is perhaps intended to serve as a kind of test balloon for the proposals included in it. The German-German Treaty is a good step forward, of course, but only an intermediate step towards EU membership and not sufficient for Kosovo and Serbia to join once that kind of Agreement would be reached,” she said.

Deimel also shared her view of the final outcome of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina:

“At the very end there must be recognition of Kosovo by Serbia and thus this must be part of the dialogue, which is Miroslav Lajcak’s responsibility to mediate and which Germany fully supports as German Foreign Minister Maas just underlined.”

By the way, also the US just confirmed that they are ready “to support work towards a comprehensive, binding normalization agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, centered on mutual recognition” – Deimel recalls.

The alleged document implies „independent, sovereign, equal states with their international borders“, – „according to international law“.

An “autonomous district of northern Kosovo” would be created in Kosovo in accordance with the laws and the Constitution of Kosovo. The autonomous district of Northern Kosovo would include the territory of the municipalities of Zvecan with 35 villages, Leposavic with 72 villages, North Mitrovica and the cadastral zone of the town of Zubin Potok with 63 villages.

The document also calls for special status for the Serbian Orthodox Church. According to this document, protected zones should include more than 40 churches and cultural sites.
The non-paper further states that, following the ratification of a legally binding agreement, Serbia would agree „not to interfere with Kosovo’s membership in international and regional organizations.“

Koha Ditore emphasized that it failed to get confirmation of the authenticity of this non-paper, noting „some diplomats that Koha contacted more or less confirmed that the points mentioned in it were in line with what is expected to be discussed in the dialogue.“

The news arrives ahead of the departure of Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, to Brussels, where Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is currently ending his visit, as well as the announcement from Brussels on the continuation of the dialogue for Kosovo on May 11th.

However, a spokesman for the Kosovo government claims that Kurti did not receive any invitation or notification for the May 11th meeting.

„Maybe this was an idea or even an agreement with Belgrade, but not with us,“ Perparim Kryeziu said yesterday.

This is the second non-paper that appeared in the second half of April, triggering an avalanche of reactions in the region. On April 15th, the Slovenian-based portal “Necenzurisano” published the non-paper on the annexation of the Republika Srpska to Serbia and the unification of Kosovo with Albania, reportedly sent to Brussels by the office of the Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa, which European and Slovenian officials have repeatedly denied.



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