Vucic announces financial support for Kosovo: €200 for the unemployed and €100 for every child and adult

FOTO: Preuzeto sa N1

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic met with Kosovo Serb representatives today. After the meeting, he announced financial support for Kosovo Serbs – both employed and unemployed, new infrastructure projects, and thanked them for voting for Srpska Lista.

The President of Serbia recalled today that SL received more than 43,000 votes in the recently held Kosovo parliamentary elections. On the other hand, the GI SPO – an initiative that represented Kosovo Serb community in the elections, and wanted to „divide the people,“ received about 1,300 votes – Vucic added.

He thanked the Serbs from Kosovo today „for their responsibility, seriousness, and discipline… because they understood quite well how important this is for the survival of our people.“

In addition to GI SPO, the Serbian President also accused Kosovo Albanian politicians of attempting to „divide the people“, while also alleging that „some of them invested a lot of money in that“.

He underlined that they had not succeeded in this endeavor.

„They did it through Belgrade and certain media, they did it in all possible ways and they did not succeed,“ he said.

Speaking about today’s meeting with the SL leaders, Vucic revealed that he spoke to them about the Brussels talks held as part of the dialogue ahead of Lajcak’s arrival. They also discussed security problems in Kosovo and specific projects – „new symbols of success in Kosovo.“

He recalled that one such project is the construction of a new hospital center in Gracanica which is set to begin soon. Also, infrastructure projects will be carried out in the North Mitrovica Hospital Center.

He also confirmed that the 54-kilometers long main road from Jarinje to North Mitrovica will be reconstructed.

„The road will be like a runway, six-meter wide asphalt with all the guard rails, canals. Let’s show how greater the strength of the Serbian state is today than it was in previous years and decades,“ he said.

He also announced the construction of the University of North Mitrovica building – a project worth €7 million.

„It will be a symbol of the strength of North Mitrovica, the most urban Serbian area in Kosovo,“ the president added.

Special infrastructure projects in Kosovsko Pomoravlje and Strpce were also discussed during the meeting today.

Vucic announced additional financial assistance to Serbs from Kosovo, both employed and unemployed – „not for those who are only registered there, but those who really live in Kosovo.“

„As we estimate, approximately 12,000 to 14,000 unemployed people in Kosovo can expect support of €200 per person. It is a direct gift from the state of Serbia,“ he said.

Aside from for the unemployed, each child and adult will be given €100 – he added.

„This means that a five-member family will receive a gift, if they have two adult employed members, of 500 euros, and if they have two unemployed and three children – they will receive 700 euros from the state of Serbia as a gift.“

„It is a huge amount of money, tens of millions of euros, but we want to help, especially the poor part of our population in Kosovo,“ Vucic said.

He, however, added that not everyone is poor and that some people in the north of Kosovo live decently or even better than the people in many municipalities in central Serbia because of the Kosovo extra salary payments.

Vucic asked Serbs from Kosovo to „continue to fight and guard their homes.“

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