Twelve thefts reported in Gracanica, the police and municipality agree on greater police presence

Photo: RTK2

Twelve thefts have been reported last night in Gracanica – the commander of the police station in Gracanica, Bratislav Trajkovic, confirmed to RTK2.

Radio Gracanica reported that „about 12 robberies took place“, while a number of car burglaries were reported, as well, including the car of the President of the Gracanica municipality“, while „another car was stolen“.

„In several of the car burglaries personal documents of the owners were taken. Additionally, at the Mehana restaurant a burglary was reported and there were also a number of house burglaries in several locations in Gracanica“ – the same media reported.

The Mayor, Srdjan Popovic, held an emergency meeting on the security issues with representatives of KFOR and the Kosovo police.

„In order to increase security to a higher level, it was agreed that police presence will increase in the municipality of Gracanica. It was agreed to increase police patrols at four points – in front of schools in Ugljare, Suvi Do, Skulanevo and Laplje Selo. According to the plan, the presence of the police will be increased during the period when the number of children in schools is the greatest“ – Popovic said, reports RTV Kim.

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