An incident in Staro Gracko, children pepper-sprayed

Foto: RTK2

An incident occurred this evening in the village of Staro Gracko in the municipality of Lipljan when a fight broke out between an Albanian and two Serbian brothers. A woman, a six-month-old baby and a 24 year young man were reported slightly injured, but the emergency services immediately responded. Another Serb was taken into custody.

The Radio Television Kosovo channel (RTK2), reporting on the incident in Serbian, broadcasting the testimony of the injured 24 year Milivoje Matovic:

„I was taking a walk upon spotting my mother, sister-in-law, and a neighbour with two children (a five month baby and 5 year girl) – arguing with an Albanian villager. I came closer and my brother arrived in the meantime as well. The Albanian, who instigated the incident, is a police officer’s son, punched my brother in the presence of another police officer. My brother reacted in self-defence, striking him back. I jumped to protect my brother as anyone would do,“ he said.

Povređeni biber sprejom
Foto: RTK2

The police officer sprayed Matovic’s eyes with pepper spray from approximately 20cm, as was reported by Dr. Marijan Madic. His brother was, however, taken into custody.

The slight injuries were primarily from (police) pepper spray confirmed the duty doctor, Marijan Madic. He also said that a conflict „occurred between youngsters“, without specifying other details.

No further details have been reported so far.

Staro Gracko village is inhabited by Serbian people, not far from Lipljan. To the wider public it is known as the location of one of the biggest ethnic crimes in Kosovo after the war ended, and the arrival of international military and civilian forces when 14 Serbian farmers were killed on 23 July 23, 1999, in a field.

02. June 2018 – RTV Kim reported in the aftermath of the incident. The villagers witness such incidents occuring almost on a daily basis and all of them are instigated by a young Albanian man, described as „a real trouble maker“, who is the son of a local police officer.



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