Scott and Delawie condemn the incident in Petric while Vulin claims the internationals are silent

After a protest in Petric against a group of Serb IDPs from the Klina village, Serbian Defense Minister claims – the international community are silent for the last two days since the incident. On the other side, the two U.S Ambassadors – in Belgrade and Pristina, have condemned the incident.

„We had silence for two days. We had a silence that speaks more than words. We are waiting for two days to hear from someone from the international community“- said the Defense Minister today, while condemning the attack on Serb returnees in Klina.

The U.S. Ambassador to Belgrade, Kyle Scott, had issued a statement in Serbian earlier, specifically on the incident in Petric:

„Yesterday’s incident in Petric further emphasizes the need to work on an agreement towards the comprehensive normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, which must ensure the Serbian population the freedom to participate in political, social and religious life in Kosovo without fear for their own security.“

His reaction was followed by his countryman from Pristina.

„Kosovo citizens must commit to the future. Returnees should be able to travel safely. We are happy the KP managed the Klina incident, but this should not have been necessary. Violence is not the answer; a serious effort at reconciliation is needed to achieve Kosovo’s goals.“ – was the tweet of the U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo Greg Delawie.

A group of some 50 Albanians had initially denied a group of Serb IDPs access to the local church, St.Trinity’s in the village of Petric in the Klina municipality, who tried to visit it on The Holy Trinity Day (the village’s Patron Saint Day). After the crowd was dispersed by the police, the Serbs entered the church but were surrounded by protestors who rallied again. Three villagers were reported injured, supposedly by the stones hurled at them, while an Albanian village representative and a local Serb were detained. The latter who was kept on an alleged war crime charges was later released. The Albanian protesters claim that Serbs provoke them every year and recalled a war crime that had taken place in the village. The Holy Trinity church in Petric was built in 1992 but was destroyed in June 1999.



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