SNF asks Bishop Teodosije to convene a town hall meeting, after Vucic’s statements on Kosovo

In an open letter, the Serbian National Forum (SNF) called on the Bishop of Raska-Prizren Teodosije today to convene a town hall meeting as soon as possible. The open letter arrived after the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, said recently that Serbia would face problems and challenges if it fails to accept the European proposal for Kosovo. „That can only mean one thing – the disappearance of the Serb people, the Serbian state and the Serbian church from these areas,“ they underlined.

„After the latest information about the course of the Kosovo-Metohija process that we got from the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, we address you, as our shepherd, with this letter, in a state of deepest concern for the future of our Church in Kosovo, for the future of our people and state,“ the SNF said.

They underlined that they are “deeply concerned” over both the future of the Serbs and the Serbian Orthodox Church.

„The Serb people all over the Serbian universe, and especially in its cradle, in Kosovo and Metohija, are in a state of extreme concern not seen since the war in 1999,“ SNF emphasized.

In the letter, they explain that their concerns arose after Vucic announced that he, as the president of the state, „must accept the extremely difficult conditions imposed on our country by a group of Western countries, which relate to the status of Kosovo.“

According to the Serbian National Forum, this represents the start of the process of the disappearance of the Serb people, the state, and the SOC on the territory of Kosovo.

„Our experience through history teaches us that this can mean only one thing – the disappearance of the Serb people, the Serbian state and the Serbian church from these areas“

In addition, as a result of such messages, Serbs have lost confidence in the state authorities of Serbia, and are seeking help from the church, the SNF added in their letter to Bishop Teodosije.

„We ask you, as our spiritual shepherd, to convene the town hall meeting as soon as possible. The Serbian National Forum will, with your blessing, help in the organization and work of the town hall meeting. Please invite all relevant participants to the town hall meeting, with your blessing, from all parts of Kosovo, and from all areas important for our life and survival: education, health, politics, church, culture and others.“

They emphasized that the current circumstances require an immediate reaction: „Let’s try to save what can be saved.“

Otherwise, SNF warned, „our generation will prove to be the worst in Serb history, unworthy of our ancestors and disgraced in front of our descendants now and forever.“

„Do not allow, Your Eminence, for us to – in front of St. Tsar Lazar – depart this world in shame, to depart as someone who didn’t want to defend what Lazar and his army laid down their heads for. Let’s not allow the Covenant that the Serbian people gave to the Lord to be trampled on,“ the letter reads.

Following the increasingly frequent calls from the international community, especially after the last agreement on the license plates, that Belgrade and Pristina focus on Franco-German, i.e. European proposal, the President of Serbia met with US and EU envoys on Friday, as well as three advisors from France, Germany and Italy. The international envoys and advisors previously visited Pristina.

„We are ready to accept the concept and to work on the implementation of the proposed agreement, but I made one thing very clear and showed concern and reservations on one important issue,“ Vucic said after the meeting, without providing any further details.

The latest developments within the dialogue were followed by messages of support for the Serbian president shared by government representatives next to photographs of wolves. On the other hand, criticism of Vucic rained down from his political opponents, with one word at its center – betrayal.

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