Petkovic and Svecla share conflicting statements; KP: M.D. & D.S. accused of almost 100 crimes, including murder


Another incident occurred in the north of Kosovo today when Kosovo Police officers opened fire on a moving vehicle. One person was injured in the shooting. Police officers at the checkpoint on the Bistrica bridge were „forced to open fire in the direction of the vehicle in order to neutralize the situation,“ claims the Kosovo Minister of the Interior, Xhelal Svecla. In turn, the head of the Kosovo Office accused Svecla of spreading disinformation, noting that M.D. and D.S. „ran from bullets and did not attack.“ In the meantime, the Kosovo Police announced that both M.D. and D.S. were accused of several dozen of crimes, including murder.

The Kosovo Office was the first to react to today’s incident at the Bistrica bridge checkpoint, stating that members of the special unit of the Kosovo Police opened fire at a vehicle carrying two ethnic Serbs.

They specified that M.D. sustained injuries in the shooting, while his companion D.S. was not harmed.

In the meantime, the media reported that the M.D. was transported to a hospital in Kraljevo and that his life was not in danger.

While this body of the government of Serbia claims that the two young men were shot at because they „didn’t want to allow the ROSU police to harass them without any basis and reason,“ the police state that they opened fire because „they felt threatened“ after the driver allegedly hit a police vehicle and refused to pull over.

In the meantime, the Kosovo Minister of the Interior, Xhelal Svecla, also reacted, confirming the allegations of the KP. Stressing that he is „deeply concerned“, Svecla noted that „any form of violence against the police would not be tolerated.“

„Two people in the vehicle tried to avoid the police checkpoint. They deliberately hit the KP car and put the policemen’s lives in danger. Kosovo police officers were forced to shoot in the direction of the vehicle in order to neutralize the situation,“ said Svecla.

In the meantime, the head of the Kosovo Office, reacted once again – this time on Twitter.

Petkovic shared several photographs from the scene, stating that there are surveillance cameras covering the area. Furthermore, he accused Svecla of spreading disinformation.

„Why doesn’t Xhelal Svecla publish the video so that everyone can see what really happened?“ – Petkovic wondered.

The head of the Kosovo Office claims that M.D. was shot in the back, that is, that the back part of the car sustained damage from the gunshots.

„This clearly shows that the Serbs were running away from the bullets, they were not attacking!“ stated Petkovic.

He also urged Svecla to „cease lying“, stressing that „he will not get away with this“.

KP: M.D. and D.S. accused of dozens of crimes, including murder

In the meantime, the Kosovo Police issued another statement, once again emphasizing that the officers „were threatened“ during the incident near the Bistrica bridge.

KP, however, came out with new information tonight, stating that D.S. and M.D. are suspected of dozens of criminal acts and misdemeanors.

„According to the data, the suspects involved in this case appear to be persons with a criminal past, who were involved in dozens of crimes and misdemeanors,“ the police said.

They said that D.S. (1991) is suspected of involvement in more than 80 criminal acts, including murder, coercion, possession of weapons without a license, assault, obstructing an officer in the performance of his official duties, threats, grand larceny, causing general danger, robbery, etc.

At the same time, he is accused of more than 20 misdemeanors.

Kosovo police accused M.D. (1985) of involvement in 17 crimes, including murder, coercion, possession of weapons without a license, grand larceny, grievous bodily harm, unauthorized border crossing, unauthorized tampering with evidence, etc. He is accused of three misdemeanors.

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