SL confirms Radoicic attended the protests in the north on Sunday


Srpska Lista have confirmed that the Vice-President of the party, Milan Radoicic, who is wanted by the Kosovo authorities, attended the Serb-led protests in the north of Kosovo on Sunday.

The largest Kosovo Serb party reacted today to yesterday’s interview of the Kosovo Minister of the Interior, Xhelal Svecla, who said that this party is „devalued“ and that it can no longer blackmail the Kosovo government. Svecla also said that the Kosovo government refuses to cooperate with SL any longer as such cooperation „would be criminal“.

The Kosovan Interior Minister said that the barricades were erected by „people with masks, armed with firearms and well organized, supported by a propaganda and information war with fake news from the media from Serbia, as well as cyber-attacks.“ He alleged that the structures in the north do not have the support of all common people.

In the interview, he also spoke about the Vice-President of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic. According to Svecla, Radoicic is „afraid“ and he immediately returned to Serbia proper after he shot a video in Leposavic in early July, that is, he did not stay in the north.

Srpska Lista, led by Goran Rakic, a minister in Kurti’s government, reacted to Svecla’s interview today.

„The last statement of the Minister of Police of Kosovo, Xhelal Svecla, best illustrates the anti-Serb attitude of the authorities in Pristina led by Albin Kurti, who is not interested in peace, but wants to provoke conflicts – regardless of what it takes – that can have unfathomable consequences for all, both Serbs and Albanians,“ SL said in a statement.

This party stressed that Svecla told „a pack of lies“ about Milan Radoicic and Srpska Lista in general.

„He wants to convince and encourage himself because he got scared of the Serbian accord and the authority of the Vice President Radoicic, not realizing that the more he attacks him, the greater the support Mr. Radoicic has among Serbs,“ they claim.

They indicated that this is the reason why Svecla „cannot admit that the Serbs in the north are more united than ever“.

„He cannot admit that the Serbs are determined to survive and remain regardless of his threats, that they trust the leadership of SL, and that they showed on Sunday they are not afraid of his threats,“ SL says.

Denying Svecla’s claim that Radoicic left Kosovo after shooting a video in Leposavic in early July, this party says that Radoicic actually „joined“ the Serbs at the protests held on Sunday.

„The most important thing, (Svecla) must not admit that he is aware of how much authority Mr. Radoicic has among Serbs, which was best seen on Sunday when Mr. Radoicic joined them at the protests. He stood by the citizens and the leadership of SL the entire time, to the widespread delight of all those present, who felt safer and protected because, as is always the case when he is with them, he took care of the safety and security of every person and every family in the north,“ SL claims.

They also alleged that Svecla hoped to make it impossible for Radoicic to be with his people via „false accusations“, adding that this minister was „grossly mistaken“ in doing so.

„Minister Svecla is only brave when he sends others to cause incidents in the north and mistreat the bare-handed people, the elderly, women and children, while he sits in his armchair in Pristina. Unlike him, the leadership of SL shares the fate of its people every day, including at the barricades, making efforts to preserve peace, both for Serbs and Albanians,“ they said.

They emphasized that the only truthful thing Svecla said was that Srpska Lista does not cooperate with Kurti’s government because „it is working against the interests of the Serb people.“

SL underscores that the political goal of this party is to topple Albin Kurti from power, indicating that it is in the interest of everyone who wants to live in peace in these areas.

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