Police intervened last night due to non-compliance with COVID-19 measures, KoSSev reporter witnessed the fight

Tuča u Kosovskoj Mitrovici
Foto: KoSSev

Criminal charges were filed last night against one person for failing to comply with measures aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19, while two other people caught arguing heatedly were only questioned, the regional spokesman for the Kosovo Police, Branislav Radovic confirmed for KoSSev today. A KoSSev reporter was present on the scene last night when a fight broke out in one of the North Mitrovica cafes.

Following last night’s incident which took place in the center of North Mitrovica, when a fight broke out between several people in a cafe, during which a KoSSev reporter was present on the scene, the Kosovo Police presented details in the official police report regarding this incident.

„On August 26th, 2020, around 21:19h, acting upon a citizens’ report that a large number of citizens gathered in front of the ‘Beer House,’ patrols of the Mitrovica North police station and the Rapid Response Team came out on the scene. On that occasion, the Rapid Response Team arrested two people who were arguing heatedly in order to prevent the disruption of public order and peace,“ Radovic explained.

The persons who had a heated argument were questioned when it was determined that there was no physical contact between them and no elements of any violations. The persons in question were released soon after.

On the other hand, further investigative work determined that the suspect O.N. (1997) organized a party contrary to the decision of the competent authorities on protective measures against the spread of COVID-19, which is why criminal charges were filed against him under Article 25, paragraph 2, of the Law on Pandemic, Radovic said.

According to the KP spokesperson, after the police intervened, the cafe was cleared, and the cafe owner was brought to the police station where other measures and actions were taken.

Immediately before the police intervened, there was a general commotion and a brawl broke out between several people, which a KoSSev reporter who was present on the scene also witnessed.

According to the KoSSev reporter’s observations from last night, the police officers came to the cafe where loud music was played shortly after 9 p.m. After several men talked to the police officers, they walked away, however, the music still kept playing. Another man asked the person who was playing the music to silence it, forcing all the guests out of the cafe. After a group of guests had a short conversation with this man in front of the café, the music started playing again. A few minutes later, a brawl broke out between a larger group of people, causing the crowd from outside to rush towards the entrance to the cafe. At the time of the conflict, the police were not in the cafe, however, they soon arrived. Some of them left the scene, after which the Rapid Response Team came, clearing out the guests from the cafe. At least two people were detained. One person resisted arrest.

This is the fifth mass brawl this month in the center of North Mitrovica.

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