North Mitrovica city centre: Three brawls in two days

Policija Mitrovica Hitna pomoc
Foto: KoSSev

A fight occurred in the centre of North Mitrovica at approximately noon today. According to unconfirmed information from the police and eyewitnesses, two people participated in the fight. This is the third fight in this part of the city in the last two days.

A fight occurred in North Mitrovica today when, as the eyewitnesses at the scene told our reporter, and according to unofficial police reports, a policeman wearing plain clothes allegedly pistol-whipped a civilian.

The police station in the region north, however, could not officially confirm this information.

The police disclosed that a member of the police wearing civilian clothes was involved in the case, pointing out that other circumstances are unknown and have not been confirmed yet.

After arriving on the scene at approximately 1 pm, our reporter found a policeman in uniform receiving medical treatment. The policeman’s injuries resulted from the use of pepper-spray, the deputy commander for the north region, Major Besim Hoti later confirmed for Kossev.

Furthermore, immediately after the incident took place, five people were interrogated at the police station, some of whom were questioned as witnesses, while a search was launched for two suspects.

Other details are still unknown, except that an intensive investigation of the circumstances of the latest fight is underway.

This is the third brawl in the centre of North Mitrovica in the last two days. The previous two took place in the St. Peter Street pedestrian zone. The first brawl happened on Sunday night and it was larger in scale. One person was seriously injured at the time and several people were detained.

The fight continued the next morning, but this time between two or three people. One person sustained slight injuries. Although the police have not confirmed this information so far, several unnamed persons on the scene told the KoSSev portal that the third fight was connected to the previous two.

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