Another mass brawl in Mitrovica pedestrian zone: Five people detained and five policemen suspended

Šetalište Kosovska Mitrovica
Foto: KoSSev

Five people, four of whom sustained minor injuries, were detained today after a mass brawl broke out in the Mitrovica pedestrian zone. At the same time, as per the decision of the director of the Regional Directorate of the Kosovo Police region north, five police officers were suspended for 72 hours over failing to act on duty.

Another mass brawl broke out today at approximately 12:50h in the pedestrian zone on Kralja Petra Street. The brawl took place in front of the „Soprano“ cafe, spokesman of the Kosovo Police for the north region, Branislav Radovic confirmed for KoSSev.

Five men are suspected of participating in the fight – N. B. (1986), N. B. (1979), A. B. (1997), A. B. (1993) and M. B.

„Police patrols responded in a timely manner by detaining these five people, four of whom were taken to the North Mitrovica hospital center, where doctors determined that they sustained minor injuries,“ said Radovic.

The prosecutor was also informed about the case, requesting written statements from the suspects. The case was registered as the infliction of minor bodily injury.

Although the police patrols responded on time, according to Radovic, this was not the case for five members of the Kosovo Police.

By the decision of the director of the Regional Directorate North, Nenad Djuric, five police officers were suspended for 72 hours and a misdemeanor procedure will be initiated against them, Radovic also said.

„The reason for their detainment is their failure to act on duty,“ he said.

This is the fourth mass brawl this month in the center of North Mitrovica.

When asked whether this brawl was related to the previous ones, Radovic could not specify, bearing in mind that the investigation and collection of preliminary data are in progress.

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