Petkovic: „Nothing spectacular will happen on December 14th“

EPS will form two daughter companies in the north as per a decree of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, but Pristina should be asked as to why it is obstructing it – the head of the Kosovo Office, Petar Petkovic said today.

When asked by a KoSSev portal journalist whether the exchange of electricity supply between PE EPS and KOSTT, so far established for the purposes of energy supply for the residents of the north, will end on December 14th, instead of replying, Petkovic initially inquired as to where KoSSev obtained that information. After our journalist said that our portal had insight into an official document, Petkovic stressed:

„You had an insight into the statement of Mladjan Djordjevic, who shares disinformation from Belgrade every day and tries to create some kind of misunderstanding among the people in the north of Kosovo.“ He also alleged that Djordjevic made the covers of all Pristina media courtesy of such statements.

Petkovic then proceeded to criticize the Serbian opposition, claiming that it had abandoned the people back in 2008.

„The government of the Republic of Serbia will stay with our people and we will never leave them, bearing in mind that they were abandoned before 2012. When Pristina unilaterally declared independence in 2008, when EULEX came and when Mladjan Djordjevic – with his team, i.e. close friend Djilas, but also Jeremic and Tadic, for whom he worked as an advisor – asked that catastrophic question before the International Court of Justice in The Hague.“

Petar Petkovic worked as an adviser in the cabinet of the then Prime Minister, Vojislav Kostunica in 2007 and 2008.

„Nothing spectacular will happen on December 14th. Until the two daughter companies of Elektroprivreda Srbije are formed, the regular supply of electricity to the citizens in the north of Kosovo will continue – as per the 2013 agreement and the conclusions of the European Union from 2015,“ the head of the Kosovo Office also underlined during his visit to Zubin Potok today.

When asked what is Belgrade doing about the registration of Elektrosever and whether Belgrade will agree to Pristina’s request for this company to only have the authority to supply, but not distribute energy, Petkovic revealed that it will be formed by a decree of the Government of Serbia.

„Let me translate your question into simpler terms – if you are asking me according to which laws it will be formed, I will tell you – according to a decree of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. EPS is 100% owned by the state of Serbia. We, as the responsible party, i.e. Belgrade, which is in dialogue with Pristina – and not only when it comes to that agreement, but when it comes to all other agreements – we have done everything that is up to us. Therefore, you should pose that question to Pristina – ask why it is obstructing and preventing the registration of those two companies,“ Petkovic said.

He reiterated that the energy supply in the north of Kosovo will continue in the same manner until the companies are registered.

In April of this year, the Regional Group Continental Europe (RGCE) approved a connection agreement between the Kosovo operator KOSTT and the European Transmission System Operators (ENTSO). The implementation of this agreement – which was created back in 2015 – was blocked because it was conditioned by the registration of the company Elekstrosever with the Pristina Energy Regulatory Office (ERO).

Although the connection agreement was not published, in mid-2020, Pristina-based Koha shared some of the points of the connection agreement between KOSTT and ENTSO-E. The said agreement was welcomed by many international officials in Kosovo, who described it as the first step towards the independent functioning of KOSTT within the new regulatory block of Kosovo-Albania energy systems.

One of the points of the agreement remained the registration of Elektrosever company:

  • Elektrosever should register with the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) and obtain a license within 30 days as per the legal framework and regulations of Kosovo, in order to be able to supply energy to consumers in the northern part of Kosovo.

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