Will KOSTT take over energy supply management in the north as of December 14th?

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KOSTT is set to take over the energy supply management in the north of Kosovo as of December 14th – according to the KoSSev portal’s findings. Based on an official document obtained by KoSSev, the exchange of electricity supply between JP EPS and KOSTT, through which the energy supply needs of the residents of the north were met so far, will end on December 14th.

The news was initially announced earlier this summer, following the approval of the agreement between KOSTT, ENTSO-E and Albanian Transmission System Operator – OST. The implementation of this agreement was scheduled to start in the fall.

In other words, KOSTT will now begin independent operational work, that is, from December 14th, KOSTT will function independently from the Serbian transmission system operator – Elektromreza Srbije (EMS).

According to an earlier agreement, in addition to independence, KOSTT received permission to act as a regulatory zone within the Kosovo-Albanian regulatory bloc.

The Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic objected to the agreement, warning of arbitration if the agreement is implemented.

„I warned them about the injustice of their decisions. We will complain wherever we can. We will first seek provisional measures within 14 days, and when they make a decision we will not apply it. When you want to create this kind of energy chaos, you will have Serbia’s answer, because we will not let you trample over our country and our people –nor our people in the north of Kosovo, nor our people as a whole, nor our country,” Vucic emphasized at the time.

„If someone thinks that the time has come for someone to physically take over Valac, I beg them not to do it,“ he added.

Elektrosever remains licenseless

On the other hand, the company Elektrosever has yet to be licensed by the Kosovo Energy Regulatory Office (ERO). According to announcements from July, Elektrosever was supposed to have been issued a license within 30 days.

Since the 2015 energy agreement, one of the main stumbling blocks between Belgrade and Pristina has been their varying interpretation of the role of Elektrosever. It specifically concerns the part of the agreement which stipulates that the new company will perform certain distribution roles, in addition to supply. While the Serbian side insists that Elektrosever should provide supply and distribution services, Pristina is against it, alleging that the new company can only deal with supply, invoicing and billing services.

According to KoSSev’s source close to Elektrokosmet, a request to carry out distribution services has been submitted to ERO several times. Also, Elektrosever has been refusing to apply for a supply-only license.

Elektrosever’s licensing does not affect KOSTT’s ability to take full control of the system and infrastructure in the north. Over a month ago the workers at the main power station in Valac were allegedly asked to declare for who they work for – KEDS or EMS, KoSSev also learns. If Elektrosever fails to obtain a supply license, KESCO will thus automatically become the supplier.

In that case, KESCO will also take over the electricity delivery billing. Experts assessed, however, it as unlikely that it will be billed retroactively.

No information from the spokespersons

KoSSev was unable to obtain confirmation on whether the information that KOSTT will begin operating independently in the north of Kosovo on December 14th from official spokespersons on both the Kosovo and Serbian side. Both, the Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy, as well as KOSTT, insisted that the request for information must be submitted in writing, while Kosovo government spokeswoman Antigona Baxhaku had no knowledge of the matter.

Baxhaku told KoSSev, however, that KOSTT, as an independent body, answers to the Assembly – not the government.

Even the spokesman of the Ministry of Economic Development, Environment and Energy, Uran Haxha had no knowledge of this issue. He, however, promised that he would give us an answer as soon as he obtains more information on the matter.

KoSSev learns from sources close to the Kosovo government that prior to implementing any such agreement, preparatory work must be done, like is the coordination activities with mayors. The same source also refused to specify the possible date for the implementation of the agreement, noting only that it would certainly come to pass.

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